Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24

Day 11 of my "diet."   Here's my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

pre-breakfast, 7:30 am:   about 1/10th serving of housemate's smoothie

breakfast, about 10 am:  big salad topped with homemade soy yogurt.  Fruit today was strawberries, banana, and cantaloupe.

Lunch, about 1:30 pm, big salad topped with seed mixture and d'angou pear vinegar.

dinner, 7:30 pm:  carrots (1 lb), big salad topped with seed mixture and d'angou pear vinegar.  1/2 serving of cooked veggies--didn't want the rest.

Nutritional information:
Calories: 1354; protein 63 g; fiber 75 g.

Weight:  129.4 

Exercise:  swim 1 mile.

  • I made my salad backwards from usual lately because I was waiting for my vinegar to arrive home with housemate last night.  So I put the fruit on bottom, then lettuce; then housemate arrived, so I massaged the cabbage and kale and broccoli in the date vinegar, added that, then beans, then the seed mixture, and some cinnamon.   I think I will stick to this because from top to bottom is the order I prefer to eat it!  This is like my Grand Canyon salad.  
  • I made a mistake on yesteday's logs and forgot to add in my veggies (I edited my previous post to correct it).  That explains why I was more than satisfied and still woke up full this morning.  That shows that my stomach knows how much I should eat.  However, the food logs are useful when I'm trying to lose a few lbs for a couple of reasons:  1)  I do most of my food prep the night before so it gives me a good guide for how much to prepare.  2) I like the wiggle room it gives me for mixing and matching foods I'm supposed to have along with foods I enjoy most.  I can eat these foods guilt-free, knowing it's part of the plan.  
  • I still spend too much time in the kitchen.  I was thinking I should cook up veggies for breakfast; then tonight after spending 1.5 hours in the kitchen, I thought, I don't mind that, I enjoy food prep up to a point, but I don't want to spend another hour at breakfast.  I love my salads.  I can add lightly cooked veggies to that (cooked in the microwave).  I don't like raw onions on my salad.  So I'm thinking I can just hold off on the onions until the weekend and do the all-encompassing salads during the week.  Maybe no salads on the weekend to give me a break, all cooked on the weekend.  See, there's the issue of cleaning up and the fewer dishes the better.  I also do food prep for housemate, which isn't too much (smoothie at breakfast, veggies and salads here and there), but, it's more dishes and I do them all by hand.  

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