Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17

Day 4 of my "diet."   Here's my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

before exercise, 7:15 am:  about 1/10th serving of housemate's smoothie (leftovers).  

after exercise, 9:15 am:  cooked veggies, baked sweet potato.  

noon snack:  carrots (1/2 lb);  sugar snap peas (1/3 lb), a few fruit samples from a produce store.

late lunch, 2 pm:  my favorite salad of late topped with homemade soy yogurt.  The fruits du jour were cantaloupe and blackberries.

7 pm snack:  2 carrots.

Dinner, 8 pm:  repeat salad topped with seed mixture and d'angou pear vinegar

Nutritional information:
Calories: 1359; protein 63 g; fiber 76 g.

Weight:  130.  

Exercise:  swim 1.08 miles, bike commute 7 miles.


  • I'm already getting tired of my big salads.  BUT, I'm not in the mood to spend time thinking about food or preparing it.   I might prefer a higher ratio of cooked to raw food. BUT, that involves more food prep and more cleanup.  We don't have an automatic dish washer, so it probably takes me longer to clean up.  So, when I consider those things, I decide I'm perfectly happy with the salads.   I've had time to play my flute and meditate almost every night this week.  
  • Tomorrow I'll be gone from 7:30 am until about 9:30 pm.  It's a day off picnicking with family.  Hopefully I will get a mountain bike ride in on the way home.  My food is all ready to go.
  • I had a good day overall.  I hope you did too.


Kristi said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to take so much time for food prep.

Have you seen the new HBO documentaries about obesity in the US? Their new series is called Weight of the Nation and can be streamed for free at their website (which didn't work for me) or YouTube (which did work for me). It's four hours of information with additional online video and other supplemental stuff. It's nicely produced but heavy on the eat less, move more mantra without addressing nutrient density head on. It's good for awareness, I think.

kneecap said...

No, I haven't followed the HBO show. I don't know if I will have time for a while as I have to read a book and prepare a sermon for a lay-led (me-led) service at my church. eek. I have been listening to the food revolution summit that Ocean Robbins put on. I've learned a ton about GMO and food justice and cool stuff like that I'd like to get involved in. I've been meaning to post about that.