Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18

Day 5 of my "diet."   Here's my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

breakfast, 8 am : about 1/10th serving of housemate's smoothie, cooked veggies, baked sweet potato.   my carrot allotment (3/4 lb).

lunch, (noon), after mountain biking:  my favorite salad of late topped with homemade soy yogurt.  The fruits du jour were strawberries and cantaloupe.

3:30 pm snack:  sugar snap peas (0.6 lb), small bowl of peas and corn and d'angou pear vinegar.

Dinner, 8 pm:  repeat salad topped with seed mixture and d'angou pear vinegar

Nutritional information:
Calories: 1460; protein 64 g; fiber 72 g.

Weight:  130.  

Exercise:  mountain biked 1.5 hours.


  • Our family picnic trip was cancelled, so we decided to take the morning off anyway and go mountain biking.   
  • Today I loved both my lunch and dinner salad.  Yesterday I said I was bored with them.  What was the difference?  Today, I was hungry after mountain biking, and I was sitting by a beautiful lake.  Tonight I waited until I was hungry too.  Yesterday I was eating at my desk at my office while working and wasn't hungry.  hmmm.  
  • When I was eating my delicious lunch salad today, I thought to myself, if you just keep eating this delicious food, you will be able to continue mountain biking for a long time.  sounds like a win-win solution.
  • my breakfast carrots were eaten when I was quite full already--and they didn't taste as good as usual.  I just wanted to eat them because they were there.  I think that is called emotional eating.  
  • I worked from home this afternoon/evening and also had a desire to eat for no reason in the afternoon.  Knowing I would post here put the brakes on.   I guess that's what the diet experts mean about being accountable.  Maybe that's the value in having a coach:  knowing you will have to report in to them.


Holly said...

Barb - I am enjoying reading your daily journal. Believe it or not I like to repeat days at a time too. Maybe I should do a journal on my blog too. Oh wait, I don't have a blog... :)

kneecap said...

Hi Holly! thanks for reading. you should start a blog. I'm sure you have lots of time for that. haha.