Sunday, May 13, 2012

my daily salads (lately)

I've been loving my salads lately so I decided they are post-worthy.   These make up 2 meals of my day on weekdays, sometimes weekends too if I'm gone most of the day.  I prepare them the night before.  I start with kale and cabbage.  I add 1 Tbsp of really good vinegar, such as a good balsamic.   I accidentally found this really good date vinegar at a fancy-pants store next to Penzey's spices (where I went to get some ceylon cinnamon).  They serve it up from the cask in which it was made--or fermented or whatever they do to make vinegar.  It's expensive and unfortunately I really like it.  so I will probably go back for more.  But a good balsamic or one of Dr. Fuhrman's flavored vinegars will do nicely:

I mush up the kale and cabbage (sometimes broccoli too) with the vinegar and add it to the bottom of my bowls.  They will marinate overnight and be more tender when I eat the salads.

Next I add 1/2 cup beans to each bowl (I often forget this until the end so order doesn't matter much after the kale and cabbage).  I also add some cinnamon because it's good for you and I like it.  So I've been adding it to everything.

Add herbs from the garden if you want.  Right now it's cilantro, chives, parsley and dill for me.

Next, a head of romaine lettuce.  We just started getting it locally and boy is it ever good!

Top it with fruit.  We usually have something on special at my co-op.  Lately it's been strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe and watermelon.  And the blackberries have been good too even if not on special.  So I've been mixing up those things lately.  

I wait until my meal the next day to add the "dressings."  At lunch it's usually a serving of soy yogurt.  Yum!  Here's today's lunch.  The fruit is strawberries, blackberries and cantaloupe and it's topped with soy yogurt.

I enjoyed that after a 2-hour mountain bike ride.  I was hungry!

At dinner, my topping is 1 Tbsp flavored vinegar (D'angou pear or spicy pecan are my favorites), and 1 Tbsp of my seed mixture.

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