Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30

Day 17 of my "diet."   Here's my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

mini-breakfast before appointment:  about 1/5th serving of housemate's smoothie.  1/2 cup beans.

late morning snack:  carrots (1 lb), sugar snap peas (1/2 lb).

lunch, 1 pm:  baked oriental yam (the BEST sweet potato!).  1 lb strawberries and homemade soy yogurt. 

snack to get me home after evening yoga class:  6 oz blackberries.  yum

Dinner, 8:30 pm (a little later than I'd like):  big delicious salad:  fresh local salad greens, fresh local baby bok choy, cabbage, red bell pepper, 1/2 cup beans, seed mixture, and 2 Tbsp of  date vinegar, all mixed together.    I guess you could call this dessert:   some orange remainders after making housemate's OJ.   it's more of a flavorful nibble but I kind of enjoy it, kind of like nibbling on meat from bone scraps which I use to enjoy too.  

Nutritional information:
Calories: 1356; protein 56 g; fiber 80 g.

Weight:  126.6

Exercise:  evening yoga class.  bike commute 14 miles.

  • "wing-it" Wednesday worked well!  All I prepped the night before was baking the oriental yam.   To work I brought along a jar of soy yogurt, a bowl, spoon and knife (for prepping the strawberries).  I stopped at the grocery store on my way in and got strawberries, carrots and sugar snap peas.  I ate lunch with a friend in the cafeteria.  I followed Shanna's advice on one of my previous posts, and got some salad greens from a bag, so no chopping of that (did chop the bok choy and cabbage).  Dinner prep took all of 15 minutes!  yes!   good thing 'cause I got home late.
  • dinner salad was really good.  I usually only use 1 Tbsp of  date vinegar but as a treat had 2 today.  yum yum.  The bell pepper was tasteless though.  They came from far away (Holland) and have a big carbon footprint since they are airlifted, so I won't feel pain avoiding them for a while.
  • I don't like exercising at night as much as the morning.  I was tired, late, and didn't get in my meditation/flute playing.  I decided I want to go to bed and read, instead of staying up late doing everything on my list.  next time I'll skip the evening yoga if I can't make the morning class.
  • this was lower calories than usual.  I was more hungry during the day than I'd like, but dinner was so late I don't feel hungry now.  


Shanna said...

Oh good! One never knows what advice can actually be helpful for someone else's life.

So you do have a Whole Foods, ours has a Grains, Greens and Beans bar with no oil sauces (Engine 2/Esselstyn)it is tasty! You can build it how you like it and add onions, seeds, fresh greens etc. It isn't as big as I like but perhaps I need to manage my portions sometimes. I have also filled up 2 big salad bar containers with tons of greens/veggies and brought it home, it lasts for at least a day with no dressing and then add a can of beans and there is a 2 minute salad.

It is such a struggle for me to pay and I stand there arguing with myself about how I could cut up more perfectly fresh veggies myself etc. etc. Then I am home with 1 minute to get someting and wish I had been more pratical! If I am honest I am not going to get to it and a lot of veggies end up rotting or thrown in a "kitchen sink" soup that doesn't taste so hot.

I am going to try this this week to give myself a little break and a boost back onto the wagon.

Your posts are a great real person example, thanks!

Kristi said...

I was also having problems getting in my beans, onions, and mushrooms everyday, so I started making a simple soup that I eat almost everyday now. I also didn't like the flavor and texture of the mushrooms.

I chop and saute an onion, then add 8 oz. mushrooms (fresh sliced or already cooked and frozen). Then add 3 cups of no-salt vegetable stock (I use homemade that I keep in the freezer) plus about 1/2 cup carrot juice (optional).

I blend all this up in the Vitamix until very smooth.

Then add 1 cup dried lentils and a bay leaf and cook for 15 min. Add 1 cup chopped carrots and cook 15 minutes more.
This makes 4 servings of 1.5-2 cups each. I add more water if it is too thick. I store them in pint canning jars in the fridge and use one per day for four days. To eat, I heat it up then squeeze in the juice from 1/2 lemon or 1 lime. That brightens the flavor and makes up for the no salt.

To make it easier, you could use store-bought veg stock and presliced mushrooms. Or don't even bother slicing the mushrooms.

I usually eat my lunch salad first, then this soup, then some fruit.

kneecap said...

Shanna, yes we have that at Whole Foods. I will keep that in mind next time I'm shopping on the west side of town-- an easy way to pick up lunch!

Kristi, wow you are a ninja! that is great. good advice for others too! you need a blog, girlfriend. :)