Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15

Day 2 of my "diet."   Here's my food log, weight, exercise, and thoughts.

before exercise:  about 1/10th serving of housemate's smoothie (leftovers).  1/2 small watermelon

after exercise (rest of breakfast, almost lunchtime though):  cooked veggies

Lunch:  my favorite salad of late topped with homemade soy yogurt.  The fruits du jour were strawberries and blueberries, same as yesterday.

Snack at work:  carrots (1 lb);  sugar snap peas (1/2 lb).

Dinner:  repeat salad topped with seed mixture and d'angou pear vinegar

"Dessert":  small bowl of frozen peas and sweet corn (microwaved to thaw), with a little d'angou pear vinegar stirred in.  

Nutritional information:
Calories: 1392; protein 68 g; fiber 76 g.

Weight:  131.2.  That's more my typical weight of late.  Now I want to lose some.  I definitely have belly fat to get rid of.  

Exercise:  Rode my road bike 26 miles along my favorite route.  This was wonderful.  


  • I suspect I need fewer calories to lose weight.  maybe 1300-1350.  I could cut back on my fruit.  I'll do that after tomorrow (I've already purchased tomorrow's).  It's interesting how few calories we older women need.  
  • I had lunch with a friend at a fast-food restaurant.  She had a burger, fries, and coke.  I like fast-food restaurants because they don't care if I bring my own food to eat.  We ate outside and had a nice time.  Some day maybe there will be fast food nutritarian restaurants!
  • I need to remember not to buy the blueberries even though they are on sale, as they have been kind of tasteless lately.
  • One great thing I've learned from Fuhrman and experience is that I don't need to eat before or during exercising unless it's an all-day thing.  But for typical 1-2 hour workouts, it's unnecessary, as there is plenty of fuel in my liver (glycogen stores).  For a 3-4 hour bike ride, an apple or banana during a break is good.  I'll definitely be hungry when I'm done though.  My usual lunch will taste really good after this.


Anonymous said...

Do you find that you drink much water during the day? During or after exercise? I find that I don't drink more than a glass of water a day unless it is really hot outside (which rarely happens here).


kneecap said...

I don't drink too much water. maybe 2 glasses or 3. it's partly out of boredom. if I don't want to tackle something at work, I'll make a cup of herbal tea. I'd say 2 glasses are what I actually feel thirst for. I don't sweat much though (little to do with my diet or health). Most people sweat more than me when exercising so I'd expect them to need more.