Saturday, August 29, 2009

weekend cooking

I had fun in the kitchen this evening, spent about 3 hours picking greens, washing, chopping, juicing, and cooking. First I made some vegetable juices that I froze. I got these from the Fuhrman forums:

The first was from Chef AJ, modified slightly based on what I had and wanted: 4 oz kale, 4 oz collard greens, 2 cucumbers, 3 small apples, and juice of one lime and orange. Everything but the lime and orange came from my garden or a local farm.

Next was from another member of the forums (I don't recall but I'll try to look it up). This is called green lemonade, only I didn't have a lemon. So I used juice of an orange, 3 small apples, some salad greens (2-3 oz was all I had), some kale and collard greens.

Between these, I made 5 bottles filled to 10 oz with juice, that I froze.

Next I made a giant vegetables, beans, and greens dish. This dish was along the lines of this one. I must have had a couple of lbs of kale and collard greens still left after the juicing. I chopped these in the food processor. Then there was eggplant, 2 zucchini (green and yellow), mushroom, 2 onions, 2 cans of tomatoes (from the garden, yum). I cooked these up together in the pressure cooker for 3 minutes. I added lots of chopped parsley, basil and swiss chard and let that cook in the hot pan--plenty of heat to cook as it cooled. I cooked cauliflower separately for 2 minutes, and then blended that with 1/2 cup almonds and 1/3 cup hemp and some juice from the canned tomatoes. This made a creamy sauce which I added. Oh, yeah, and then there were the beans. Earlier today I cooked up red and white kidney beans (2 cups dry, so probably 5 cups after cooking). So this is your classic Fuhrman dish with tons of greens, beans, veggies, nuts and seeds. I offered housemate a bite even though she doesn't like zucchini. But you can hardly taste that with all the other flavors, and she had a couple of small bowls. Here's what it looks like. You do tend to get greens all over your teeth while eating it.

I poured 2 generous cups into each of 8 bowls. I left 2 out and froze the others. So there will be plenty to eat over the next week!

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