Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21 logs

still in a hotel for a few more days...
B:  cooked up some cabbage, added oats and grits and Mexican spices (was in the mood for cumin after some chatting last night).
L:  cooked up the food as I described yesterday
D:  more of the same.
E:  walked about 4-5 miles.
1) I'm going to run out of food after tomorrow.  But I can stop at Whole Foods on my way out of town.  Maybe I'll get some "health starts here" hot food, if they have some.  otherwise, fruit will get me home on Sunday.
2) Yesterday I was at a workshop on food-justice.  It was about how crappy restaurant workers are treated, how low-paid and exploited they are.  wow, shocking.   And it's not like restaurants have a low profit margin---it's quite high compared to other industries.  They are just screwing their employees.  One of the speakers wrote a book "Behind the Restaurant Door."  I'm planning to read it.  It makes me more comfortable with the fact that I hardly ever eat at restaurants.  Some people are good at getting good plant strong meals at restaurants.  I'm not.   
3) Along those lines, cooking in your hotel room like I do is definitely not for everyone.  I'm not suggesting it's the way to go, especially if you are good at getting what you want at restaurants.  But if you do cook/eat in your room, I suggest you be discreet about it and clean up your messes so no one knows you did it.  That way, hotels won't start instituting "no cooking in the room" policies.  :)


Livewell said...

I really enjoy reading your posts about what food you are making. I am new to this way of eating and I eagerly read your blog for support. Thanks for sharing!

kneecap said...

You're welcome!