Saturday, June 29, 2013


B:  quinoa and "chin-dripping" peach.  Delicious!   Sadly, I'm out of peaches now.
L:  1/2 lb strawberries, 1/2 lb blueberries.  both were really fresh and delicious.  a smallish bowl of watermelon.  a whole bunch of fresh, local sugar snap peas.   (have I mentioned I love this time of year???!!!).
Snack and dinner:  small baked sweet potato, gigantic salad made from head of romaine, large fresh local seedless cucumber (really good), some balsamic vinegar.  This time I actually cut up the lettuce and made a real salad instead of just eating lettuce leaves, ha.   a large raw kohlrabi (too lazy to cook).  some more sugar snap peas.  cooked zucchini and mushrooms.
E:  no exercise except for helping someone haul boxes up some stairs.  I'm trying to rest up for my attempted walking marathon tomorrow (my own, not an official event).  I doubt I'll finish but if not, I'll just consider it a training run.  I cooked up four oriental yams for energy, and have some more sugar snap peas to take.  If I make it around to the co-op I'll feast on some more fantastic berries before I do the final 4 miles.  and if I don't make it to the co-op, I'll get a ride there and still plan to feast on berries. 

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