Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15 log

B:  peaches and rice.  half a head of romaine
Snack:  small baked potato.
L:  at a potluck, I brought the mango-bean-rice salad I made last night.  It was a hit and I had something to eat.  A friend who knew of my eating ways brought a giant watermelon.   She said it was because it was really easy but later said she was thinking of me.  That was really sweet.  I told her she could bring that anytime.  So lunch was my salad and her watermelon.  excellent!   
S:  sugar snap peas
D:  half a head of romaine, baked plantain, kale and garlic (keep forgetting to buy onions).  fruit from the freezer:  strawberrries, banana, blackberries.    this time I cooked the plantain in foil, and it was not as dry.  I think next time I will try roasting them in parchment paper--I'll peel and slice it first. The taste is growing on me.  I heard it's one of the most widely eaten starches in the world.
Exercise:  swam 1 mile.  yoga 30 minutes.   went to a half-day meditation workshop.

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