Sunday, June 30, 2013


Well, I managed to walk a marathon today.   It was a beautiful day, a good walk (could have done without the last 6 miles but managed okay), and I had a few friends accompany me during part of it.  Foodwise, I had just a few strawberries at breakfast.  I was timing myself for bathrooms, and the first one was 6 miles away so I didn't want to eat much, heh heh  (this wasn't an official marathon, just a walk I planned for myself).  I brought 4 baked yams and a bunch of sugar snap peas.  And there were tons of mulberry trees to supply me with fresh berries--very good!  I ate the yams every 6 miles or so.  At mile 22.5 was the co-op, where I got some mission figs (fresh, not dried).   They were the perfect energy food (well, anything would have been perfect at that point).   When I got home I ate some brown rice and peas.  I love brown rice and peas.   I have simple tastes, ha.   Here are a few pictures:
I got good at picking the best berries.   The ones that fall into your hand when you touch them are best.  If you have to pull, they aren't ready.
milkweed.  smells really good!
our fair city.
Japanese lilacs.   Also smell really good!   And they are quite abundance in our city.
I took lots more but I won't bore you!   Saw sandhill cranes, lots of lovely big ole' trees, lakes.  It's a favorite 27 mile bike ride of mine and I decided to walk it.  Took nearly 12 hours!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your walk, Barb! Wow, how did you keep from getting blisters? You must have had good shoes & socks! Developing blisters were what usually messed me up on the 20 mile "Walk for Hunger" walks back in Boston.
LOL, Mary

Trish said...


kneecap said...

Hi Mary, I've been walking a lot in the same shoes--they are just regular running shows. still I'm kind of amazed too about the no blisters. I had them laced tight enough so my feet weren't slipping.