Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17 log

B:   two small bowls of my frozen fruit mix.   baked plantain--this time peeled and sliced it like a banana, wrapped it in parchment paper, sealed with a twist tie, threw it in the oven with all the other things I baked today (potatoes, oriental yam, small kohlrabi).  I think this was the best yet.  But that may be because I'm just liking it more as it becomes a more familiar food.  I also had that small kohlrabi a little later and decided I need to do the same thing:  peel and slice and cook in parchment paper---tomorrow's experiment if I remember to buy some (forgot today). 

After breakfast, I cooked up a bunch of kale and an onion for lunch and dinner.  I started with the onion, went on Facebook, came back to find it burned, er, very caramelized.  I was curious, just how much can you burn an onion and have it still taste good, so I added water and kale and cooked up the kale.   It turned out quite good.  So the lesson to stay away from Facebook while cooking was not learned today.
S:  a bunch of lettuce leaves

L:  Kale and baked oriental yam

S:  small baked potato

D:  sugar snap peas, kale and 2 small baked potatoes, some grapes, then I just kept small eating bowls of fruit from the freezer, and a small bowl of frozen peas and corn.  Fortunately these are really small bowls, and I don't feel overly full but I ate more fruit than I needed to.

I think I'll make some beans for tomorrow.

E:  biked 14 miles.  meditate 40 minutes.

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