Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18 log

Today's lesson learned (hopefully) is, don't nibble on fruit while cooking up 2 days worth of food.  Nibbling on anything is like filling up a bucket of water with a dripping faucet.  It still fills up!  So, I overate on fruit today.  I rationalized it because I'm going out of town tomorrow and not expecting to get good fruit.  However, I just checked the web and it looks like there is a really good grocery store 2 miles from my hotel.  that is great, and my excuse was out the window.  
For my trip I'm eating out of my hotel room.  I just don't do well in restaurants and don't expect to have any social obligations at dinner, though if there is one, I can still go and sneak in my food and dump it on top of a plain salad I order.   I'm bringing my electric cooler and an electric burner and a couple of pots and some beans and various spices, etc.  I was planning to buy frozen veggies but this grocery store might be really good so maybe I'll get fresh.  
Here are today's logs:
B:  wonderful baked oats and fruit.   a bunch of spinach
L:  baked sweet potato, a lb of strawberries, half a head of lettuce
SSSSSS (snack overload):  "nibbled" on fruit
D:  baked potato, jicama, and kohlrabi.  a bunch more spinach
S:  (not hungry!) more fruit, some peas and corn.
I definitely overate today.  oh well, at least it wasn't on nuts and dates...:)
E:  biked 23 miles.  Meditated 40 minutes.

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