Monday, June 24, 2013

6/24/13 food

I slipped off that rails a bit today.  Last night after I made today's food I checked and saw that tempeh is not a part of the Captain's plan (on the E2X website).  So then this evening I thought, since I went off a little, why not a little more?   That is a problem of mine, the slippery slope.  I wasn't toooo bad, but I had some macadamia nuts and some turkish figs (not too much) and a peanut butter sesame seed honey bar from our co-op (no oil anyway...).   Funny thing is, it wasn't so great.  I was going, this is all I'm missing?   also I like not being stimulated.   just the little honey and peanut butter and salt in that bar was more stimulating than I like.  so, I'll hop back on tomorrow.
B: a couple of small sweet potatoes
L:  the food I cooked last night:  onion, mushroom, sweet potato, asparagus.
S: a small sweet potato and strawberries
D: same food as lunch.  + the nuts and figs and peanut butter thing and some cherries.
I'm fulllllll.   oh yeah, that's the other great thing about not eating nuts and dried fruit.  It's hard to get that overfull feeling.
E: walked 3 miles.   no meditation.  hope to get back on track with that tomorrow.

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