Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14 log

I have lots to share about today so brace yourself.
I haven't had rice in a while so made up a batch last night.  I like to mix brown and forbidden (black) rice, just for fun.  In fact, I pour it one cup at a time into my storage bin and make a nice pattern:

The rice came in handy several times today.  First I had it for breakfast instead of oats, with my frozen fruit.  Here's a picture in the morning sunshine.  This was a really quick and easy breakfast.
After breakfast I made my semi-annual order of beans.   I order every available kind of beans from Rancho Gordo.  That came out to 28 lbs and cost $184 (including a whopping $30 for shipping).  It's more expensive than bulk beans to be sure, but I calculated that it's still about 30% cheaper than my favorite canned beans (Eden Organic).  Anyway, I love these beans.  They are all different and it's entertaining to have a different kind of bean every week, or to mix them up (big and small, different colors).
Next I had lunch with friends.  I had some rice and beans and corn and asparagus, and a small baked potato.    The conversation turned to the topic of health and all the medications and supplements they take and the unpleasant side effect; and I just thought to myself how crazy I am when I get jealous of what others eat.  I take my health and diet way too much for granted.  I wish I could get over this and stop occasionally wanting that unhealthy food.  I also was struck by some of their insightful comments:  1)  these medications just act on one mechanism but isn't it more complicated than that?  (that's what T. Colin Campbell says in his new book Whole), and 2) doesn't it seem weird that we have to take all these supplements when our ancestors seemed to do fine without them?  yep.
I stopped at the grocery store and got some more fruit on special to freeze.  I snacked on that while prepping it along with some sugar snap peas.  I ate a small sweet potato as a snack on my bike ride.  Then I fixed something for a potluck tomorrow.  This was inspired by a recipe in the spring E2X book I think, by Ami I think:  mango bean salad, to which I added rice.  So it was rice, beans, frozen mango chopped, lime juice, cilantro and I added a little chipotle powder for some smokey flavor.  It is fast and easy to make, and people love it.   I didn't have enough for tonight's dinner so just had some rice and mango and cilantro, and some of that frozen fruit for dessert.  I poured a wee bit of balsamic vinegar (diluted with water) on top.   
So that rice came in handy today.  
Exercise:  biked 36 miles.  that was unplanned, but first I did my 14 mile commute and then when I got home it was such a nice day that I got out the racing bike and went for a ride.  and I meditated for 30 minutes.   Oh, that reminds me of another thing (see, I had a lot to share today):  I signed up for Plant-Stock (farms 2 forks in Hudson NY).  This was actually a tough decision because I really really really wanted to go to a meditation retreat, but my best friend who I only get to see once a year at most is going to Plant-Stock.  so I had to decide and I decided to go to the meditation retreat, and then I thought but what about Gail??????   And that pretty much sealed it.  So I hope to go to a meditation retreat next year.  In the meantime I'm looking forward to Plant-Stock!
okay, tomorrow will be short, promise.

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