Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tejas' update

Here's an update on the progress of one of the Challenge participants, Tejas:

For almost one week, I stayed good to my plan till dinner time. Even dinner time was much better.  The good thing is that we are doing this s family.   We have green smoothie.
In past 10 years, I gained 25 lbs.
I never liked SAD food and I used to eat lacto vegetarian diet (except that cooking oil was so cheap in US that I think I started to overuse it).Worst part of this weight gain was that I thought it is natural. I am already eating very healthy food and it is part of aging process (to get fat) and motherhood.I had really high triglyceride (wheat and rice and large portion size)  In back of my mind, I was bothered by my extra weight but had no strong resolve. I tried for a week or so few times but would give up very soon.In beginning of this year, I got smart phone. I started to read many blogs related to food, well being etc.First four months I was blown away by information shared by various doctors and bloggers. Intellectually I knew that I need to do something but blogs finally motivated me enough to move on from my previous experience of fear of failure.I started to incorporate more and more raw food in diet. I would loose weight very fast but I can easily gain 5 lbs on Saturday party food.
As I started to learn more about my body, I started to work with my family as well. I am fortunate that I do not have any health issues in my family and I would like to keep it that way.In past 3 to 4 months, I lost only 15 lbs, but my lipid panel report shows much better numbers.My kids drink green smoothie at least 3 to 4 times per week.Our salad consumption is gone up 4 times and oil consumption is gone way down.
I am happy with progress we made as whole family.My typical day has no grain or oil till 6 pm. During dinner, I do eat very little wheat or rice (2 or 3 spoons) .My only problem is that I want to eat after 9 pm (some fried snack).I have these snacks for kids (school, day care)./ these are healthy crackers or bars, but they are still something that I should not eat.
I am participating in this 6 week challenge to get rid of 10 lbs and that will put me in my ideal weight range.In addition to all the blogs I follow and read, I also stumbled upon this book.  Does anyone else know about “Dr. Richard Fleming”?Please do share your experience and story. 
Thanks Tejas!  If you want me to post your progress report, let me know.  It's not a requirement, you can just add a comment to the blog occasionally.


Okra said...

Thanks Tejas for sharing your experiences so far! It sounds like you are doing really great. It's wonderful your whole family is on board! I struggle with wanting to snack after 9 pm also, but this challenge has been helping me a lot. Keep up the good work!

lightweight said...

Great job Tejas! It's so great that your whole family is on board.

Patricia said...

That's SO WONDERFUL, Tejas, that you're able to bring your whole family along on your journey to vibrant health! What a gift to your children!

For what it's worth, I was having trouble overeating and craving SAD things in the evenings until I realized I just wasn't giving myself enough calories earlier in the day. Adding a Ryvita cracker smeared with nut butter to my lunch made a huge difference. And while I was pregnant and needing even more calories, I would satisfy myself with a big bowl of beautiful fruit salad after dinner. That kept the munchies away for the entire evening.

kneecap said...

Patricia brings up a good point. Make sure you are eating enough! It's good to be a little hungry when you wake up in the morning if you want to lose weight. It can take a few days to calibrate your eating to meet this goal. On the other hand, if you are trying to lose weight be sure to limit the high calories foods like nuts, seeds, and fruit.

Tandi said...

My update: Yesterday was a bit of a challenge, we were out and about all day long. I did well during that day lunch was a delicious veggie wrap with a side of carrot sticks. Dinner was water sauteed veggies in my homemade vegan cheese sauce made with potato, carrots, onion, nutritional yeast and cashews. I did however have a bite of donut, cocoa and oats, and koala crip cereal so I overdid it on the snacking last night. It was a HUGE success over my usual making dessert every night so I'm going to count it as a step forward and vow to do better tonight! Thank you so much for this challenge, it has helped me be so much more aware of what I am eating and why [emotionally]