Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 12

Hi everyone, darn it, just got some disappointing news about a family member's diagnosis.  so I'm bummed right now.  I guess I was counting on better news.  Here's what I ate today:

brekky:  sugar snap peas, beans and greens.  I was in the mood for beans and greens after a hard workout.  I was already a weakling before I broke my elbow last winter, but I am even more so now.  But I'm happy to be doing something about it.  I harvested a ton of collards from the garden since I'll be gone for a few weeks.  I froze a bunch and used the rest in my beans and greens.  For the beans and greens, I cooked up the collards, an onion, and eggplant from the garden, some basil, then added a serving of beans and grains from the freezer (thawed in the microwave), a can of (garden) tomatoes and some no-salt seasoning.  Really good.   here's the collards:
smashed down into ziplock bags for freezing:

Lunch:  I hit a home run with this salad I invented the other day.  wowsa.  Today's was even better.  kale, chopped and massaged (in my hands), marinated in really expensive balsamic vinegar (and boy is it good--I'm still having fun taste testing vinegars, got a few new bottles today), add cabbage, yellow summer squash, red bell pepper (these are just what's local and in season right now), and the part that makes it really really good:  fresh ripe local peach and fresh ripe local pear.  YUMMMMMMMM.   Had that with my last 1.5 ears of sweet corn for 2011.  I savored every bite.

Dinner:  the rest of the beans and greens.  the rest of the salad.  a bowl of frozen mango (didn't need it, but wanted it and it was good).  One more chore to do, harvest the basil leaves and freeze like the collards:

Okay, the garden can grow back while I'm gone and I'll be ready to eat more fresh kale and collards when I get back.

Total calories:  1626, protein 65 g (12%), fat 12 g (6%), carbs 351 g (82%), fiber 87 g.   

Forgot my nuts and seeds again, oops.  I had more calories than usual which was a surprise.  I was thinking it was fairly low-calorie food but I did eat a lot of it.  I could have held off on that second serving of beans and greens at dinner.  oh well, no big deal I don't feel overfull.  Notice the higher percentage of protein compared to yesterday when I had more fruit.


Tandi said...

I am plugging along on the challenge. Today I had some fresh peaches and banana with buckwheat for breakfast. Lunch was cabbage, cauliflower, onion with fajita seasoning and some tofu salad. I am still debating on what to make for dinner, I want something with lentils. The challenge has really helped me stop thinking I need to make a dessert every night. I have had some chocolate chips or a little something here and there but I must say I am improving daily. Thanks for doing this, it has been a life saver!

kneecap said...

Way to go Tandi. Maybe some day you will decide you don't need any sweets today. If your whole body and mind is on board with that, it won't be difficult.

Tandi said...

I'm working on the no sugar thing, it is one of those things that causes anxiety and scares me to let go of and with all the other life stress I'm trying to take it a step at a time but I'm certainly getting there.

My goal is to be 100% tommorrow and then I'm going to go from there as that seems doable, just one day at a time.

kneecap said...

okay, one step at a time seems to be working for you, so don't broke what aint fixed. :)