Friday, September 2, 2011

Forks over Knives

This movie is good for motivation even if you've read all the books and know it all.  It makes you say I wanna be on this team!   that's the plant-based whole foods diet team.  yes!  This is the cool team.  This is the team everyone will want to join eventually and we are at the forefront.  Say yes to transforming your health and life.


Anonymous said...

I find watching these movies, and lectures from youtube very motivating. Recently someone added a bunch from the vegetarian society of Hawaii which were great to watch.

Doing well on the challenge so far but we'll be going out tonight for my daughters birthday (she wants korean BBQ!) and again out with friends tomorrow(not sure what the food situation will be but definitely alcohol). I've managed to muster up some motivation and plan to eat a full meal beforehand. Wish me luck!

Livewell said...

I've been watching forks over knives today and yesterday. I will continue to watch it for the next few weeks to get this firmly in my head. I've been doing okay on the eating plan. No animal products but I need to eat more greens. I'm going to start posting what I eat on my blog.


Janeen said...

I am doing well with my eating part of the challenge. One of my goals was to be kind with my family members about the food that they eat. I had a big fight with my son about his health on the first day of the challenge. He is 18 and it is so hard for me to watch him take such poor care of his health. I am recommitting to being kind to my husband and son about what they eat. Often that means that I do not eat with them.

Anonymous said...

Janeen, I have this problem with my family too. I have to be careful with what I say, even with my tone or look because it just turns everyone off, and of course, that is never helpful. The thing is that I respond to that type of direct information rather than the touchy/feely style (think mikerr543 vs emily boler);I prefer a harsh dose of reality, but need to learn that other people don't. I'm not sure if that is your preference as well.

That said, the family is responding a little and I'm backing off.

ttujill said...

My husband watched this last night and amazingly he is now committed. Tomorrow I am going to have my parents watch it- I really want my Dad who has been on the liver transplant list for too many years to count and at high risk of developing liver cancer to see it and hopefully improve his eating habits.

Amazing how many people convert to eating healthy just by asking me about my diet and me sharing with them what I am doing and why. Praying that some other family members who need to improve their health come around to it as they see me and my husbands progress.

kneecap said...

Good luck with the social challenge, Bemily!

Livewell, I just checked out your blog. Congratulations on winning the biggest loser!

Janeen, thanks for bringing up the issue of how to treat your family. I'm learning from your experience.

ttujil, that's fantastic that you are influencing your family. Many of us, maybe most, don't have such good fortune. What's your secret?!

Okra said...

I saw Forks Over Knives at one of the screenings last spring and got to meet Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn! I really enjoyed it and have been wanting to watch it again.

kneecap said...