Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2!

I'm posting while watching "Forks over Knives."  I know, I shouldn't multitask!  I figure I know it all already.  I'll let you know if it's good motivational material.    It's fun to see pictures of Campbell and Esselstyn as young men.

Here is what I ate today, very similar to yesterday.
brekky:   frozen cherries, blueberries, mango.   raw carrots and kohlrabi.  ate this while preparing the day's food.

lunch:  same beans, greens soup as yesterday.  salad made from cabbage, cucumber, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes from the garden, scallions, seed mixture.  baked sweet potato (actually it's an oriental yam and it seems sweeter to me---really good!).

dinner:  large ripe peach at the co-op after exercising.  It was fantastic.  Then at home, I had the same salad, beans and greens soup, and a piece of fresh sweet corn.    Here's a picture.   That's tomorrow's peach just for show.   I had already eaten tonight's at the co-op.
Everything I ate except the frozen berries was locally grown.  and ever so good!

Total calories 1486, fat 17 g (10%), protein 60.5 g (12%), carbs 308 g (78%), fiber 79 g.

How you doing?


Dru said...

Hi Barb!
Day 2 went great! Since I banished the medjool dates from the house, all is well! The walnuts become just an innocent addition to a salad, they don't call to me unless they are stuffed in a medjool date. LOL
Have upped the amount of greens (If that is possible!) I'm eating, and have found I have no desire to make any ETL friendly desserts. Bless those greens!

Okra said...

Barb, I love that you had mostly local produce, I'm sure it is delicious! Day 2 went well for me too! So far it seems too easy. I was having such a hard time with snacking after dinner and eating really calorie dense foods like almond butter and Lara Bars. The past few days I haven't even had any desire for that kind of food. I know I will want it again but hopefully I can make not eating it my default behavior.

Dokken said...
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Dokken said...

Hi Barb,

Day 2 went well, but was a little unusual for me because I only ate 2 meals. I always eat 3. Early this morning I called my family on the east coast and we talked forever. Usually I get up and immediately exercise. So after the phone call, I did some work around the house and then exercised. By the time I finished eating, it was around 11:30 a.m. So I ate a larger breakfast and decided to have an earlier, larger dinner. It worked out fine. So . . . so far so good on the challenge!

I keep having thoughts of my upcoming vacation and causing my cousin to feel uncomfortable by eating her normal diet and drinking while I stay on plan and forgo wine. I keep reinforcing the idea that eating this way is more important and probably will impact my cousin less than I imagine. Let's hope!

I'm looking forward to Day 3!


kneecap said...

Hi Lois, I had the same problem with a few of my best friends. They both got very disappointed because they wanted to indulge with me. But then they got over it and even wanted to change their diets (one got very serious about it).. It's just the first time that's hard. Then it becomes the new normal.

Glad you are doing well, Dru and Okra!

Linda said...

Happy weekend, everyone!

Tomorrow we will return to the State Fair, some 50 miles from home, and spend our fourth and final day there. This has been our 'summer staycation' this year, despite the fact that we have not purchased souvenirs, etc.

Each trip to the fair entails packing meals for my nine-year-old son and myself, along with anybody else in the family who is willing to eat health-feeding meals instead of fair junk. This means I'm packing large amounts of things like carrot sticks, pineapple chunks, prunes&raisins, apple slices...anything to keep them from going back for a second fair-food-toxin. So, while my SAD-eating family members have not abstained from fair toxins, Jason and I have! and my family has eaten so much less than ever before, of fair junk, that I'm proud of their efforts. Not a single funnel cake for this household, ever again! They'd prefer to enjoy a LaraBar instead, which is, comparatively speaking, a lottery win. It could've been so very, very much worse! My boys are even content to have me bring juice boxes, instead of lemon shake-ups, this year. Perhaps by next year, they will have outgrown that junk entirely! My husband purchased a corn dog...and said he'll never do so again, my carrot sticks tasted so much better...

Anonymous said...


Just checking in. The first day wasn't so successful because I overate on my morning smoothie. I made a plan after that to serve myself a smaller portion and then freeze the rest. That has worked for two days now. I'm on the path!


kneecap said...

that's great Linda. I've been hearing a lot about state fair food on the radio lately, stuff like fried butter, and fried apple pie. yum? :)

way to go Kristi.