Monday, September 12, 2011

Vitamix has shipped!

Soon the vitamix will be in my hot little hands.  Then I'll ship it off to one of you.  Getting excited?


TejasJJain said...
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TejasJJain said...

Here is plan
I made promise to myself to have three meals today (and going forward)…no green water anymore (other than planned one).
Breakfast -- 2 tbspoon chia seed with ½ cup peach+ 1/3 cup milk (fat free)
Lunch-- mixed greens with 1 cup broccoli (no dressing)+ edamame beans packet (120 calorie) + 1 cup soup (carrot+ celery+ less than ¼ cup red kidney beans+ tomato + ¼ cup quinoa)
Dinner – (at 6 pm ) 1 cup lentil soup + spinach salad with garbanzo beans

kneecap said...

Is that real milk Tejas? Why do you want to drink that? How about almond milk? Fat free milk is more cancer promoting than fat-filled milk do to the higher protein content. Otherwise, sounds healthy. What's green water?