Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 3

I hope everyone is doing well on the challenge, and if you aren't, it's not too late!  You can get on track and still reach your goals.   Please don't be discouraged yet if you got off to a rocky start.

We have over 50 entrants to the challenge!  I think this is a good number.  It gives each of you a pretty good chance to win the vita-mix.  I'll post more when I finish putting your info into an excel spreadsheet.

Saturday can be a challenge for me when I'm home more and doing more food prep.  I think knowing I will post here makes me behave!   So I did behave and here is what I ate:

brekky:  some frozen fruit, mangos, cherries, blueberries, and some fresh local spinach.  One reason I'm liking the frozen fruit is that I bought a bunch of fresh blueberries from Michigan (not too far from here) and froze them to make them last longer.  They are really good!  And I love mango but don't get good fresh mango here in Wisconsin.  I ate a light breakfast because I had a yoga class.

Lunch:  big ole' salad.  It's a sign of Fall that we now get local spinach and lettuce again, both requiring cooler temperatures.  I got a bunch so I just made a huge salad to split between lunch and dinner.  All ingredients were local except the seeds and vinegar:  cabbage, spinach, salad greens, cucumber, patty pan squash, yellow bell pepper,  tomatoes, seed mixture.  I also had corn on the cob.  I ate a few grapes, carrots and sugar snap peas after yoga, sort of a finish to my brekky.  Here's lunch.

Dinner was the rest of the big ole' salad and a small baked oriental yam (sweet potato).  and a big ole' ripe peach (yum!).  and a few more carrots and celery and kohlrabi.   I did some soup prep, making carrot and celery juice.  I'll post about that tomorrow.

Total calories 1424: 56 g protein (12%), 22 g fat (13%), 285 g carbs (75%), 71 g figer.

I was surprised to see I lost 2 lbs this week.  I didn't go hungry, just didn't overeat.  My average caloric intake over the last 7 days was 1446.  I gained about 6 lbs this summer from my deviations from healthy eating.  I bet it was less than 10% of my total calories but they were very unhealthy foods, not at all what Dr. Fuhrman recommends for your 10% allocation of less healthy foods.  It really is true that that stuff just goes right to fat on your body.  I wouldn't mind converting that fat to muscle as my BMI is reasonably low (18.8).  I had a good workout yesterday that should have helped.


Okra said...

Wow, 50 people? That's great! As always your food sounds delicious Barb. I loved all of my meals again today. I had a big salad from the Whole Foods salad bar for lunch and a little veggie chili over greens/veggies for dinner. Dessert was the best strawberries and raspberries I've ever tasted! Yummy. I did have a detox headache all afternoon (from overeating bread, Lara Bars, etc. the past few weeks!)

Ginger said...

We traveled to my daughter's house for a visit. Eating at our favorite veggie restaurant, I thought I did great with a beautiful salad, tomato soup, and fruit smoothie. Upon arriving at my daughter's house, we found her husband making his famous salsa from his garden, and I partook. The chips were very salty, and I paid. Since I don't eat added salt, I'm swollen up like a stuck pig or six month pregnant human female. We got food to go from our favorite restaurant on the way home, whre I discovered the tomato soup was filled with coconut milk (aka coconut fat). Today will be a fast day with lots of water and some carrot juice.

Patricia said...

Friday was a bit rocky for me, as I had an unexpected overnight visit from my parents. Breakfast and lunch were on plan, but I didn't have any food on hand for houseguests, and since they wanted more than steamed broccoli with my almond sauce for dinner, we ordered a pizza. I had some veggie pizza for dinner and then immediately had cravings for a sweet dessert (which I avoided). Yesterday, still with guests here, I did better - we all went to the market, where they were able to get deli sandwiches and I got some fresh fruit and kale. Stayed totally on track the whole day, with a nourishing lunch of steamed broccoli and my tomato/bean/spinach soup for dinner! One of the major things I need to learn is how to eat how I want to eat when friends/family are visiting or (especially) when I am visiting others' homes.

Anonymous said...

Fifty people is a lot! Go us!
The last two days have gone very well. I made "Cheesy" Kale Soup and Pita/Veggie Pizzas via Fuhrman recipes and ate lots of salads!
I've been off track in that it is the weekend which means... a few glasses of wine and some bread after my Saturday morning long run. My running crew always goes to brunch afterwards. I ran 19 miles yesterday and then destroyed some banana bread at our brunch! But, I got back on the wagon... lots of greens which I'm willing into my legs so that they recover well! I imagine when I start back to work on Tuesday all of this will go a bit more smoothly. Good luck everyone! K.

kneecap said...

Hey Okra, I had strawberries for breakfast today--hard to beat!

Ginger, maybe next time you can eat carrots and celery with the salsa, that way you can still enjoy the famous salsa. Good luck today!

Patricia, good job navigating the unplanned events. That's life after all. You will learn how to eat what you want and make your friends happy. I've found feeding them what they want and feeding myself what I want works really well.

Hey K., wow, 19 miles. impressive.