Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sept. 23 = Day 23

Again, hardly any time to post, quick update.  I've been overeating the delicious local fruit and nuts here in the agriculture valley of California.  I'm relearning the phrase Dr. Fuhrman often states, "No excuses."  oops.  I've been making excuses--it's fresh, it's local, I never can get fresh pumpkin seeds or brazil nuts in Wisconsin!  Wow, fresh nectarines, fresh grapes, so good!  Well, it doesn't mean you overeat them.  gotta remember, no excuses.  Besides that bump in the road, having a great time.  Here is tomorrow's food:

Brekky will be oatmeal with nectarine, banana, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds (1/3 oz total).  I hope it tastes as good as I'm imagining!  I'm soaking it overnight so I just have to heat it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes I hope.   
Lunch and dinner:  salad consisting of romaine lettuce, jicama, cherry tomatoes, black beans, cilantro, lime juice, and more of the seeds (2/3 oz).   If I need more food than this I have more fruit and carrots.

Tomorrow we move on to a new location.  Goodbye to fresh local produce of every kind and Whole Foods, spectacular scenery and traffic jams.  Hello to mountain biking!


Okra said...

The fresh produce sounds amazing Barb! I think that a few times a year it is ok too overindulge on fresh fruit and nuts a little don't you? It seems like I saw Dr. F said something like that once regarding holidays. I am still doing well. I'm on my way back home from a brief trip to CA and wish I would have had time to buy some delicious produce too! I think this was my first 100% nutritarian plane trip. :) Hope everyone is doing well!

Tandi said...

Wow, I would probably have a hard time not over-eating on fresh produce like that too! I'm still plugging along. Sounds like an amazing trip you are having.

Ginger said...

Oh, I wish there was a whole foods within an hour of my house. It's like organic vegan Disneyland.

kneecap said...

Hi Okra, I agree it's okay to indulge. I overdid it though. Next time I will indulge but in measured amounts. At least, that is the plan. :)

Glad you are plugging along Tandi!

ginger, haha, yes, it's fun at Whole Foods. Actually I have a great co-op in my town that I like even better!