Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick meal ideas from Connie

Connie is an entrant in the 6-week challenge and sent me this email:

I don't like the creamy dressings so this fits the bill for me.I boil some red beets and save the juice.   Mix the juice with favorite vinegar and about a quarter cup of pure fruit juice.  I used apple-grape.   I have used pomegranate.   Pour that over the beets.  I add sliced onions, a few whole cloves, a verysmall clove of garlic tooI then add a bit of water to cover.  Pickled beets from my youth.  I love the juice so much that I use it for my salads.The other quicky is I put a package of frozen organic - no salt - veggies with a container of no salt organic veggie broth.  I added what spices I had on hand and other left over frig veggies. In about fifteen min we had a great dinner.  Sure beats not eating right when you are in a hurry.  Fast hot soup on a cold evening.  

This sounds interesting to me.   I will give it a try.  

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