Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 5, Labor Day

Hi everyone, how did all those labor day family celebrations full of those foods that used to tempt you go?  (okay, maybe they still tempt you but that can change!).     I was home only long enough to fix a quick breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Here's what I ate.

Brekky:  a little bowl of frozen fruit, then went to a wonderful yoga class.  I didn't want to eat much before that.   had some blackberries afterwards.

Lunch:  2 gigantic ears of corn.  Our corn stand is going away so we got 2 ears instead of one.  I savored each bite.  It was yummy.  also had some sliced tomato and raw veggies--no time to make a salad so I just chopped of a hunk of cabbage (our local cabbage is that good right now!), some carrots, sugar snap peas, and kohlrabi.  I forgot to snap a picture at the beginning, but here it is nearly at the end.

Dinner:  salad made from cabbage, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, red bell pepper, patty pan squash, yummy small apple, seed mixture, a little orange juice.  Everything was local except the seed mixture and orange juice.  I was out of vinegar, hence the orange juice.  This salad would have been perfect with a fruit infused vinegar and some chopped walnuts.  I'm hoping to get both soon because we're now getting really good local apples and this salad will probably become a daily staple.   I also had 2 servings of my greens and beans.  

I haven't been eating enough nuts/seeds.  When I get some walnuts I'll remedy that.

Total calories 1498; protein 58 g (11%), fat 17 g (10%), carbs 316 g (79%), fiber 75g.


Patricia said...

Barb, Your food looks great. May I ask what your very favorite vinegar is? I would like to find one that I love. At present, I have been massaging some ripe avocado and lime juice into my kale salads - not bad, but a good vinegar + avocado might be even better.

Yesterday was 100% on plan for me, and today should be the same! Getting lots of GOMBS + even getting my daughter to eat some broccoli and spinach (she already does great with the MBS + all manner of fruit & certain other veggies, but we can work on the GO).

Happy healthy eating everyone!

Anonymous said...

My little journey over the last 7 weeks: first I read Daniel Amen's "Amen Solution" and got introduced to the concept of my brain being addicted to certain foods(sugar, my life addiction) and how refined carbs are addicting to an anxious person (ate to calm myself for bedtime). A few weeks later I read Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" and loved the idea of eating large amounts of food, and really got the concept that I continually ate because I didn't feel "nourished" (that was sure me! and why I am overweight). Switched to eating Furhman diet, and amazingly within 2 weeks I could actually digest beans (just like Dr Fuhrman said). About 2 weeks into that I saw "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and decided to do a quick 5-7 juice diet based on the documentary's website RebootYourLife. And now, 1 week after I finished that I feel great, mind clear. I am 15 lbs lighter. I feel like I have finally found the eating program (Eat to Live) that will actually work for me. I finally feel nourished!!

Ginger said...

Doing OK but being sick makes things pretty hard. Since I can't eat much of anything, I'm doing pretty well. Carrot juice and smoothies are my mainstay although I had a tiny bit of polenta last night.

dwatkins said...

Barb, I'm enjoying your posts.

I got myself organized and made dinners for the week. Having a big greens and veggie salad for lunch each day and soup, bean chili or steamed veggies for dinner. Fruit for breakfast. I am also doing a green juice every day. So far, it is going well. Thanks for sponsoring this challenge.--dwatkins

TejasJJain said...

Hi ,
I ma doing well in terms of staying on plan. I am not loosing weight but I am not worried.
I added link to this challenge at

kneecap said...

Hi Patricia,

My two favorite vinegars are Dr. Fuhrman's D'angou pear, and a good balsamic. I only discovered balsamic vinegar this year. There are some really bad ones out there but you can get some good mid-priced ones. I also like Dr. Fuhrman's reisling raisin and some of his others, but d'angou pear is my favorite of his set. his vinegars are here:

Wow Angie what a great journey you've had an in such a short time. It's pretty amazing when you discover you can regain your health and acheive a healthy weight without starving, isn't it?

Ginger, sorry you are sick. Not eating is recommended by Fuhrman when you are sick. You body can focus on fighting the virus rather than digesting.

Way to go dwatkins!

you too TejasJJain! I couldn't see your link though. It linked to a page with nothing on it.

Anonymous said...

It's what I love about the Fuhrman, you can eat A LOT. All other healthy plans I ever tried meant rationing out food to myself, and daytimes of hunger, evenings of cravings. I never could do it before.