Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 4

If you have been successful so far, it's probably getting easier by now.   If you haven't, get going right now and in just 4 days, you'll be in the same boat.  4 days won't make much difference. I'm talking to you SZ and maybe a few more people.

Here's what I ate today.

Brekky:  1 lb of fresh strawberries.  I'm proud of myself for waiting from Friday night to Sunday morning to eat them, as I had planned.  I did hide them away in the back of the fridge to help myself out.   Man, was that good.  then a big ole' fresh peach.   had some spinach too.  

Lunch was late and I was hungry so no salad was prepared.  got my daily fresh-picked piece of corn on the cob and cooked it up, along with some raw veggies--carrots, kohrabi, sugar snap peas---and sliced tomato.  and another handful of fresh local yummy spinach.  oh, and I ate some cherry tomatoes when I was in the garden harvesting greens.

Dinner was a greens and beans soup which I'll post about next, and a baked oriental yam (I'm in a very enjoyable rut here) sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice.  and a small about of frozen mango for dessert.

I forgot to eat seeds/nuts today.  That's because I didn't make a salad which is where I add my seeds.  Dr. Fuhrman just posted on his diseaseproof blog about how important it is to eat nuts.  I'll eat some tomorrow.  So my fat intake was quite low today.

Total calories 1401, fat 10 g (6%), protein 52 g (11%) carbs 308 g (83%), fiber 73 g.


Cindy Marsch said...

I'm enjoying your blog, Barb. I didn't join the challenge because I'm not challenge-primed right now and because I already have a Vita-Mix. Besides, I've won several things in the last year or so and I think it is someone else's turn!

I wanted to ask if you could include your fiber content for your little nutrition blurb at the end of a day's meals post. Some folks might see that 300+ carb grams for the day and think it was too much, but if we consider that the fiber grams kind of cancel out the carb grams (in calorie impact), it changes the picture. Plus, non-nutritarian folks might have no idea how much fiber we folks eat! :-)

kneecap said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for the suggestion. I updated my posts with fiber amounts. I hadn't paid attention to that before. It is pretty high!

Okra said...

I also had some cherry tomatoes with lunch and dinner and they were so delicious. Everything just tastes really wonderful right now.

I did well today except that I ate an extra piece of fruit after dinner even though I wasn't really hungry, I just felt like I wanted something else. :S Tomorrow I am going to eat only until I'm 80% full - not try - I am just going to do it!

kneecap said...

Okra, somehow I think that is acceptable. :) I find that I lose weight even if I eat until full. So if you feel like this is too much deprivation or you lose too much weight you could back off on the 80% full.

Cindy Marsch said...

Thanks, Barb -- I didn't mean you needed to go back and edit old posts, though! Didn't want to make work for you! But I just started the fiber section in *The China Study* and realize that's another good reason to include the fiber count. :-)

otnetty said...

Doing pretty well so far except for a glass of Merlot!
Barb, it's really helpful to not only see what you eat, but also how you set about making something like the beans and greens soup. Many thanks!

kneecap said...

you are welcome Lyn. It keeps me honest too. :)