Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 10 of the Challenge

Hi everyone, this is actually my 2-week point in the challenge since I started early.  I notice that I might appear to be pretty strict with my 6 week challenge.  Part of the reason is time--it takes less time to make simple meals from beans and greens and salads.  The other part is I guess I am looking to reset and seal my healthy habits.  Dr. Fuhrman says it takes 12 weeks to change habits and break addictions so I am looking to do this for 12 weeks (well, hopefully forever).  I want to lose my desire for SAD sweets so am even avoiding the sweet nutritarian food, except fruit.  But I should think about making some nice dishes when I get back from vacation.  I came across a nice spaghetti recipe when I was looking for a pesto recipe in my last post.   I have a ton of recipes on this site and then there's Dr. Fuhrman's recipe site. So when I get back from vacation, I should try to start making a nice meal on the weekends.  Since it will be winter by then I won't have mountain biking and kayaking to distract me.

Here's what I ate today.

Brekky:  small bowl of frozen fruit--banana, cherry, mango--before yoga class (was out of fresh, went grocery shopping after yoga).   carrots and cabbage when I got home to tide me over to lunch.

Lunch:  2 giant corn on the cobs, delicious as usual.  Tomorrow is probably the last day for fresh sweet corn so I'll do a repeat then.  sliced tomato from the garden.   some more carrots.

Dinner:  giant salad with kale, collards (massaged), cabbage, cilantro, parsley, yellow squash, fantastic local red bell pepper, cucumber, edamame, mango, and balsamic vinegar.  more carrots.

total calories 1400, protein 47 g (9%), fat 18 g (11%), carbs 301 g (80%), fiber 68 g.

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