Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 17 of the 6-week challenge

Hi folks,

I'm on vacation so don't spend much time online.  We're having a fabulous time.   Today was a fabulous mountain bike ride and hike in Salt Lake City.  We've been here 2 nights with a Whole Foods near our hotel.  I was thinking today that I should take advantage of Whole Foods.  They have a "Health Starts Here" program based on a whole foods plant based diet!   In their prepared food section, anything labeled as "Health Starts Here" is vegan with no oil, and less salt (hopefully).  I was thinking today, I could save time and get a lot of meals from there.  Then I ate my salad.  It was soooo good.  That is the problem.  I love my salads so much.   I brought oatmeal with me and I haven't eaten it yet because I prefer the salads! Here is tomorrow's:

This has, let's see if I can remember, cabbage, romaine lettuce, baby bok choy; some veggies cooked in the microwave:  broccoli, sweet potato, zucchini, and mushrooms; cucumber, seed mixture, chickpeas, jicama, strawberries, blackberries, pear, balsamic vinegar.  I've heard of jicama for a while and finally saw some in this Whole Foods.  I love it!  It's less sweet than most fruits and more sweet than most veggies.  I also nibbled on really good fresh sugar snap peas while prepping.  I've been eating tons of carrots so I actually got tired of them and won't have any tomorrow.   I'll probably be craving them again when I get to the next Whole Foods.

I hope you are doing well, and if not, it only takes 4 days to get back on track!


Tandi said...

You are in SLC, I live in the mountains near Salt Lake City. That is so cool, the hiking up in Heber is amazing! Jordanelle and Deer Creek both have beautiful views and hiking areas. Enjoy!

I am doing well, however last night I sat down to dinner and did not feel hungry. I wanted to eat so I had a very small piece of lasagna with zucchini noodles and afterwards felt over stuffed!! I don't know why that happened but I realized if I'm not hungry I shouldn't eat no matter what. It was a learning experience.

kneecap said...

Hi Tandi, I didn't realize you live in SLC. Wow, it's beautiful and there is so much outdoor stuff to do! What a great place to live! I biked in Corner Canyon in Draper. It was great! Then we went up to Albion basin in Little Cottonwood canyon and hiked to Cecret Lake. Very nice!

I"m amazed at how little your body wants you to eat at one time. Do you have to eat more than 3 meals a day to get in your calories?

ttujill said...

I haveth same"problem". Eversince starting this diet I feel full most of the time and usually have to tell myself to eat so I will get enough fruits and veggies in for the da. It is funny because I haveonly been on E2L for about 6 Weeks now and before I thought it was healthiest to eat 6 small meals a day and while I managed to lose weight that way I felt like my body was starving by the time the next snack Rt ime.came around.Now I dont even think about food between meals and wonder if it is allthe fiber or my body just telling me that I am finally satisfying all the nutrients it craved.