Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to lose a lot of Weight

Just got this email from PeerTrainer on what to do when you need to lose 50 or more lbs.  Might be useful to some of you.


otnetty said...

barb, this looks like a great resource. I did a quick skim and need to go back and read properly. Is peertrainer linked to ETL?

Exona/Krista said...

Otnetty...actually that is how I found out about ETL is through Peertrainer! Everyone kept talking about "ETL this" and "ETL that" and I thought, "What the heck is ETL?" ;-)

I guess you could say it's linked to ETL because they seem to follow a lot of Dr. Fuhrman's ETL and eat for health stuff.

I got that email the other day and it's fantastic!

BTW, still on track, need to take more pictures. :)

kneecap said...

They heavily promote Dr. Fuhrman's diet! Today's email was good too:

I posted about them here:

They have a mixture of free and paid stuff. You can go all free, or pay a modest amount for some programs. The email list is very helpful and free.