Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 7 of the 6-week challenge

One week down!   Here's what I ate today

Brekky: a bowl of frozen fruit while making a bunch of smoothies for housemate:  banana, blueberries, mangos.  and a ripe peach.  and some sugar snap peas and carrots.  and cherry tomatoes from the garden.  and some tastes of smoothies.

Lunch:   oriental yam and salad (cabbage, salad greens, spinach, cucumber, yellow bell pepper, apple, seed mixture).  I actually didn't have time for lunch, ate the yam right before a meeting and the salad had to wait until about 4:30 pm.

Snack:  I was surprised to see fruit at a presentation where we usually just have cookies and cake.  I didn't even consider if I was hungry and just had some but in fact I kinda was since I hadn't eaten my salad yet, so that was fine.    Then I had my salad after the presentation

Dinner:  greens and beans, and salad, some carrots and sugar snap peas.

total calories 1463, protein 47.5 g (10%), fat 16.5 g (10%), carbs 311 g (80%), fiber 68 g.

The last few days had some emotional turmoil and some situations where in the past I might have strayed off plan or overeaten but the 6 week challenge has me happily focussed on reaching my goals.  My desire for that is higher than any triggering desire to stray.  Let's hope it stays that way.  One day at a time!


Okra said...

Yeah Barb!! Congrats on sticking to the plan despite an emotional few days. You are my inspiration! I can't believe it's been a week already. Today I ate my usual oatmeal (old fashioned oats, mixed berries, flax seed and 1/2 oz walnuts) for breakfast; some black bean veggie soup and microsalad + canteloupe for lunch and steamed veggies with cashew sauce + watermelon for dinner. Yum! As far as eating only until I'm 80% full, I seem to do okay for 2 out of 3 meals but there is usually one meal where I feel too full... so I am still working on that.

Ginger said...

I noticed yesterday that Forks Over Knives is on Netflix instant. Hubby and I watched to for some motivation. I learned a couple new things and am thinking of buying the DVD for all my children and parents for Christmas this year. I can't think of a better present than an education in saving money and lives. Although I have to admit, our food costs ever so much more than it did two years ago with all the organic veggies and fruit and beans.

LisaJJ said...

I am starting late and just finished my first day. I am so thankful for this challenge. I think it helps me remember the purpose for which I will do this for the I rest of my life. I had done over 4 months of pretty strict ETL and when reached my goal weight and beyond it, I was unsure how to proceed and if I wasn't too thin. I am reassured that I am fine and I determine with the help of a post by Barbara (Kneecap) on her blog that I need to have a continuous defined abstinence rather than a lax one. Too easy to get off course. So this helps me get the habits ingrained.

It was a great day. I ate no breakfast because I did not get hungry. Worked out at Y then made Healthy Slaw (5 servings), a Creamy Zucchini Soup (w/out corn; 4 servings) and had those for lunch with a plum and a few grapes. For dinner I made Red Lenil Cauliflower Curry (from Veganomicon, w no oil) and had that with a large green salad with veggies and 1/2 oz sunflower seed. 1/2 apple for dessert. I had SO MUCH energy. Washed and remade all the sheets on three beds. Mopped the kitchen and hallway floors. Went through my grains and beans cupboard and threw out old old grains and some beans. I am so thankful for ETL and the information here that helps me stay the course and get such great results.

hope everyone is doing well.


kneecap said...

Okra, that sounds yummy. makes me wish I lived in a nutritarian co-op and could eat other people's cooking! Is 80% full providing enough fuel for you? Is it possible not eating enough could cause you to over-compensate on the 3rd meal?

Hi Ginger, my food costs more too. But I know I could save a lot if I had to, mainly with fruit choices. I just don't need to right now. Interesting gift idea.

Lisa, I feel like you are describing my experience. After reaching my goals I wondered if I should relax, sometimes I relaxed too much. I seem to like goals. Your meals sound great!