Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Challenge starts in 27 hours!

Well, some of us eager beavers started already.

So far I have 26 participants though I don't have all the info for all of them.  I will post all the participants (screen-names) on Sept. 1 so you can check to see if I missed you.

If you have any questions, please comment to any post or email me at bwhitney@chi-squared.org.   If you want a review of the challenge, you can just scroll back to read some posts, or go directly to these posts:


I wrote some tips for beginners here:

Some people like me to post my daily meals so I am fine doing that during the challenge. For fun, I can even log my food with cron-o-meter.  Talk about making me accountable!   Just note that I consider my food to be pretty boring.  I like it, but I don't do anything gourmet.  During the week, I throw together my meals in the morning before work, and during the weekend I'd rather play outside than cook.  I like veggies a lot and stay away from the sweet treats.  I link to other blogs (below at right) that show much more thrilling recipes.   I love healthy sweet treats and would like to convince all my nutritarian friends to make them for me on special occasions but I'm not interested to make them myself.  I'm looking forward to eating great food at Dr. Fuhrman's weekend immersion in November.

Add your comments/progress reports to any post and I'll note them.  I get an email notification of each comment.


Jen said...

So...I started on Monday. I'm not a healthy eating girl but I aim to be. I went to the grocery store on Saturday and bought lots of fruits and veggies and some carrot juice. Monday and Tuesday of this week, my breakfast was carrot juice and a banana. Not a great start but it was all I had time for AND it was healthy. Lunch on Monday was out but I tried to pick healthy things from the restaurant menu. Salad and a flatbread grilled shrimp pizza with lots of veggies on it (not great, but at least I was aware of picking good things and tried to eat healthier). Lunch yesterday was a delicious, hearty soup. Dinner last night was some yogurt with fruit on top (blueberries and strawberries). And some more carrot juice. I'll get better at selecting. I just need to somehow squeeze in reading this Dr. Fuhrman book. Oh, and I signed up for the 21-day challenge on the link you provided us with yesterday.

That's my update for the week. See ya'll next Wednesday a.m. Hopefully, I'll be in a much better spot eating-wise.

Thanks for issuing the challenge. This is going to be a GREAT month. I can already FEEL it!

Anonymous said...

I've been doing this awhile but will go for my first 6 week challenge; I'm afraid that my self esteem will take a dive if I don't follow through 100%. My goals are to follow a modified version of Dr F's 6 wk challenge with maximum 3 starch servings(none refined), 2oz nuts/seeds, and minimum 12oz raw/12oz cooked veg and to exercise at least 4x/week. I've already given up coffee and snacking so those are no problem now, but continuing the challenge while eating out will be a challenge. Thanks for doing this Barb. Bemily (Dr F website member).

Stephanie in NC said...

Thanks for doing this, Barb! My goals I have thought a lot about. I want to challenge myself, but still be obtainable. I could use a victory about now. So I am going with exercise 2x a week and 90% 6 week plan. I am not going to worry about the beer I sometimes have when I am out seeing a band.

TejasJJain said...

I have started tracking my food on Cra o meter.
I decided to start tracking from 8/30. Good thing is today I am fasting so no water, nothing whole day…so my caloric intake should be 0 today.

I am still struggling with how to calculate the calorie for food that I am eating.
I usually cook food (for example, it is made of 4 potatoes+ 1 cabbage + onion and tomato). This is then share by family of four and I am eyeballing ingredients and portion size.
I guess I will learn over the period of time
I did make ‘custom food’ to add my food items there but then I have added only calorie values as I do not know other details like protein etc (nor I have patience to do so)

kneecap said...

Let's follow Jen's advice and make it a great month so no one's self-esteem takes a dive and Bemily gets a victory. Your plans sound great.

TejasJJain, you could enter all the ingredients for the whole thing as a recipe under the foods tab. then in the "Recipe Editor", under the Measures tab, you can portion out a serving size. Click on "Add Measure" to set up a serving. For example, if you divide your meal into 4 portions, divide the total number of grams by 4 and assign that value to a serving.

Tess said...

So. I start officially tomorrow, but I've been getting into the spirit all week... my family just rolls their eyes!!! :) Here's my plan:
Instead of nutella - Nuts!
Instead of more cookies - More Cooking!
Instead of fruitloops - Fruit Scoops!

OK that was goofy but true, hey, I'm excited! I have been working on ETL this week (except for the nutella thing) Is it possible that I feel a difference already?
Looking forward to a great 6 weeks!

kneecap said...

haha, Tess, I love it!

ttujill said...

Thanks for the link to cron-o-meter. I have been using my fitness pal because of the android app and the fact that so many options show up already, but interested in trying cron-o-meter to see the differences