Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dr. Fuhrman's 3 Steps to Incredible Health!

Wow!  Dr. Furhman did this PBS pledge program called 3 Steps to Incredible Health.  To support Dr. Fuhrman, I pledged to one of the stations that gives a bonus gift.  Well, I guess I didn't read the fine print, but the bonus gift consists of 2 books, a workbook, 6 DVDs, a 3-month membership to the Fuhrman website, oh, and a refrigerator magnet.

The books look outstanding.  They look like a rewrite of the Eat for Health 2-set series.  One book describes the science of eating healthy, why to eat this way and what to eat.  The second book describes more how to do it in 3 phases, and gives lots of recipes.  The workbook gives an overview and exercises to work through.  The DVDs are  "3 Steps to Incredible Health," which is the show that airs on PBS, then "Eating for Incredible Health," "The Skinny on Fats," "Say No to Heart Disease and Diabetes," "Winning the War Against Cancer," and "Success Stories Before and After" (I'm the last one featured, hee hee).   I'm really impressed with the quality of this material.  This seems to be the perfect toolset for someone just starting out.  I guess $150 is a lot of money but I think it's worth it for this package of materials.  I highly recommend it to anyone starting out on this program, or anyone wanting to recharge their nutritarian batteries.


Anonymous said...

The PBS 'special' is little more than an extended infomercial.
Of course all of the actionable information conveniently failed to fit into the on air programming (funny how PBS fails to present this in ANY of their invaluable(sic) specials!)

Instead one is supposed to pay an exorbitant price to obtain what is so inefficiently packaged that one could supposedly not assemble the information from the myriad marketed books and materials so prodigiously marketed regarding the concept.

A concept presented as being so fundamental and so necessary - after all, they spend much time describing how it is not presented in schools! - so important that they fail to disseminate the concept outside of a 'pay to play' marketing schema.

So much for education and spreading the idea to all - especially those who perhaps are least aware and perhaps have the most to gain - but who cannot pay $150 for the 'privilege'.

And its amazing how PBS PAYS people to produce product for airing and pays them for its airing that serves simply to promote their commercial ventures as PBS chastises commercial TV where people must actually pay for the production of their own material and the air time and who must actually recover such costs through sales. Is there any wonder such authors love PBS? Where else can they be paid to market their products at no risk????

kneecap said...

Thanks for sharing your perspective. I can see some of your points. I agree that the most valuable part of this program is the part you have to pay $150 for. I do think it's well-packaged and worth the cost. I'm sharing it with my family right now and they are making good use of it.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to buy it. no one is forcing u. Pbs is a great provider of informational programming but nothing is free so the methods in which they use to make money in order to produce the programming that u sat and watched for free is genius. did u make a donation? then u can't complain.