Friday, August 26, 2011

Week -1, post your progress here!

Some people, including myself are starting the challenge early.    Add your comments below on your goals and progress.

I will post in the comment section too so we're all on equal footing.  My screen name is "kneecap" by the way.


kneecap said...

One thing I noticed in reading people's initial statements is that they want to do this despite challenging situations in the upcoming weeks, such as vacations or trips or visits with friends you have a history of overindulging with. I think that's great that you are still joining the challenge. That's what life is always like after all, and it's good to learn to deal with these things.

Pamela said...

Hi Barb! Looking forward to doing this challenge with you. I'm going to officially start September 1st, and here are my goals:

-continue eating 100% on the ETL plan (I've done 5 weeks so far)
- stop eating every night at 8 or 9 pm
- be aware of my fullness level, and experiment with stopping eating before I'm full.

Thanks so much for the chance to be doing this all together - it's going to be fun!

Dru said...

Hi Barb!
Thanks for starting this challenge.
I'm going to start September 1st too.

My goals:
-Stop making desserts, date nut pop-ems, bars, cookies, anything that resembles a dessert no matter how ETL friendly it might be.
-No figs or medjool dates in the house! (I use 1 in a recipe, I eat 5! yikes!)
-Keep it simple, return to basics. I tend to overeat when the recipes are "over the top"
-Accept that some days my body just wants 2 meals and that is fine. Keep working on knowing when it's "true hunger".

kneecap said...

way to keep going Pamela!

Dru, ha, I have to do the same things. I save those desserts for special occasions!

otnetty said...

Such a great idea! I start tomorrow.

otnetty said...

Went shopping at WF today and am ready to get going!