Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Challenge motivation

Hi everyone, The 6-week challenge starts in 2 hours.  Here are some motivational thoughts that help keep me on track:

1) I live in my food universe.  There is infinite variety of delicious foods to choose from in this universe.  I will be satisfied and happy if I stay in this universe.   Today I watched a friend eat a big ole' burger and fries.   It did not compute.  :)

2)  Now is as good a time as any to get started, regardless of our current circumstances.  Once you are healthy and thin, you will have circumstances too and that won't stop you from continuing to be healthy and thin (I hope).  I'm happy to see a lot of people doing the challenge even though circumstances during the 6 weeks are not ideal (vacation, parties, restaurant plans, hanging out with old buddies).  That is life!

3) I am most likely to stray and overeat when I'm tired.  Maybe I should just go to bed early if I'm tired.  I consider that a luxury!  more satisfying than eating!

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off.  When I get back in the evening, I'll post the challenge participants and brief goals--unless there is objection to the latter.  I'll also post my food logs since some people like to see an example.

I think I will go experience the luxuriousness of bed now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for starting this challenge!

Stephanie in NC said...

I seriously need to work on getting more sleep. That is a great point about it contributing to not eating well!

Okra said...

I also really need to work on getting more sleep. I know that is a major hindrance to my being as healthy as I want to be. Sleep is a luxury, and so is being able to eat this delicious food!

kneecap said...

Funny, I just was reading the "McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss" and he recommends sleep deprivation to fight depression, in his chapter 11 on managing emotions. I'm not sure what to think about it. interesting! I do agree that I don't need as much sleep as I used to and I think I sleep better with a small amount of sleep deprivation.