Sunday, November 1, 2009

who's a good chef?

I was reading through a veggie magazine today and there was a section on fancy holiday recipes from fancy chefs. They were full of not just a little, but tons of oil, salt and sugar. And these were main dishes that from the titles, sounded healthy. If you think you are getting healthy food when you eat at a restaurant, think again. And if you think you are a good cook and want a real challenge and want to be really creative, you should try making healthy dishes that taste good. Dr. Fuhrman and his chefs have succeeded. How hard is it to make anything (cockroaches?) taste good if you drench it in sugar and salt and then fry it? It is not only possible but fun to make really good dishes that are healthy too. Carrot juice is one of the secrets. So are raisins. A little sweetness makes up for lack of salt. Then there are the ground nuts and seeds. Raw cashews blended with water in a high-powered blender makes a delicious cream sauce. Add some raisins or dates if you want it a bit sweet.

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