Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I no longer like to snack...

Today I learned something useful. I didn't want to eat brekky before my yoga class so was preparing it to eat afterwards with some friends at the co-op. So I snacked just a bit while preparing. I ate a few bites of beets and carrots and a few sips of housemate's smoothie. Well, that was like a tease to my digestive system. It thinks, more food is coming, and it starts releasing those enzymes. It made me hungry during yoga class which is very unusual. So lesson learned, I feel better when I don't snack. I like to wait and then eat a big meal and then stop for several hours.


NancyO said...

Your posts lately make me think of my breakfast dilemna.

I too, have a smoothie each morning for breakfast but crave something bread-like or potatoe-like afterwards....something more substantial, I guess. I wonder if it's because for years I had hash browns and/or toast in the morning with juice, or cold cereal and juice each morning for breakfast.

Is it habit? Are my smoothies so sweet (lots of fruits with spinach & greens, flax etc.) that it triggers the desire for salt? I'm not sure. Just a smoothie doesn't seem filling enough, but I think there are probably enough calories in the smoothie to suffice for a good breakfast.

Maybe I just need to brush my teeth real quick after the smoothie and get out of the kitchen! I'm sure I eat too much.

kneecap said...

Hi Nancy, I do think the sweetness of the smoothie makes it hard to stop eating. For me, the solution seems to be to turn it into a big meal. The beans balance the sweetness and get rid of my cravings. Maybe you should just try 1/2 cup of beans on the side and see how that affects you.