Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov. 5

Well today was better than yesterday but I don't think I'd call it black belt because I didn't wait until I was hungry to eat, and I overate. It's very interesting that the bad food from yesterday had me craving more today. That stuff really is bad for you. I guess it is like a drug in that you don't feel well when it's taken away. I think I finally understand this now. So I just have to muddle through the next few days and get my streak of healthy eating going.

Brekky was a smoothie, and 2 bowls of black bean soup. I wasn't that hungry to begin with but I was craving---it's the sugar withdrawal. One bowl of soup would have been plenty.

Snack (which I didn't need) was some brazil nuts, probably 2 oz. 1 oz would have done.

Dinner was the last of the spinach paneer. and an apple and an orange and a carrot. None of it tasted that good. I think this is all sugar withdrawal. Then I thought, can I make a good tasting dessert? no, I wasn't hungry but that didn't stop me. I made a strawberry/cashew/date ice cream. It was okay. But nothing really tasted good today. This is probably because 1) I wasn't that hungry, and 2) sugar withdrawal?

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