Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nov 6,7,8

The days fly by. I am tired and looking forward to bed so this might be short.

Friday was a good day. I ate two meals. Actually it was same as today. Smoothie and beans for brekky. Then salad for dinner. Yesterday I thought I was doing well but didn't realize I ate too much for dinner until it was too late. I got up early and drove to a suburb of Chicago for a 9 am - noon meeting. I ate my smoothie and beans for brekky when the meeting started at 9 am. Then ate some carrots and celery during the break, then a couple of raw veggies from their lunch platter (too much snacking--but everyone else is eating and it influences me). Then about 4 pm I was hungry (for real) and I had a banana and some brazil nuts. Then I went grocery shopping and made next week's smoothies. I like to let myself snack while doing this as a treat--for example, on the grapes, and some of the pomegranate kernels while juicing, on leftover smoothies. Well, I got really full. I was still excessively full when I went to bed, so I clearly overate. Darn, I'm trying not to do that anymore.

Today we drove to Chicago again for the Bears game. I had my smoothie and beans about 10 am, then we went into the stadium. We were in a skybox (I'm not rich or important, just happen to know someone who is) and there was a bunch of food available but the only thing that looked healthy was the strawberries. So I ate a bunch of those even though I wasn't hungry--but when I see everyone else eating big plates of food, it makes me want to eat too. After the game, about 4:30 pm, we went to the car and I ate a salad I brought in an ice chest. It was very yummy, and I think it was better than anything in the skybox. Then when I got home I probably shouldn't have eaten anything but I saw this pomegranate in the fridge. I've been juicing them for my smoothies, but hadn't actually eaten one. It looked so good, so I had one. Oh man, was it ever good. I have no regrets. That was fantastic. Actually I could just consider that a light 3rd meal of the day. At the skybox, people were eating chocolate cake and all kinds of stuff from the dessert tray. I know it's hard to believe but I think this pomegranate was better than any of that. Plus those prepared desserts are full of gross things like shortening and oil.

There was lots of alcohol in the skybox but I didn't partake. I felt a little tug but that was mainly because the host paid a lot of money for the alcohol and I felt guilty about not partaking. But I'm glad I didn't have any because it's fun for about an hour and then I feel crappy for the next 24 hours. Another guy said to me that he doesn't usually drink and he was regretting the glass of champagne he drank. I know the feeling.

I'm struck by how much food there is everywhere you go. I could see having these treats on special occasions, but everywhere I go, there's rich cakes and cookies and beef and bagels and cream cheese, you name it, tons of stuff. No wonder we have an obesity epidemic in this country.


Claire said...

I can't tell you how inspired I get reading your blog. I read most days, but don't often comment (though I was the one that asked for your synopsis of Dr. Fuhrman's conference awhile back).

I can't wait to feel like a pomegranate is better than chocolate cake. I can envision it, so I can't be that far off. :)

kneecap said...

Hi Claire,

thanks so much for the nice comment. I commented on your comment in a new post. :) here it is: