Monday, November 9, 2009

How can Pomegranates be better than Chocolate Cake?

Yesterday I said my pomegranate tasted better than the chocolate cake that was served at the event I attended. Claire said she can’t wait until she feels that way. Well, it depends on the chocolate cake. This cake was probably made by Sysco or some other giant food prep company. That’s true of most desserts (and entrees?) in most restaurants too. It’s made with cheap ingredients that are so processed, they aren’t really food. They are likely loaded with trans-fats (shortening in the frosting, and probably in the cake mix too), because these are the fats that are solid at room temperature and have a long shelf life. They are artificially made and are really unhealthy. They aren’t made with love; they are made for profit and marketed as irresistable.

Drs. McDougall and Fuhrman and Happy Herbivore have some chocolate cake recipes that are made with high-quality ingredients, and anyone who goes through the effort to make them must be making them with love. I’ll eat one of those. Does it taste better than a pomegranate? I’m not sure. But I’m willing to find out.


Super Dave said...

I made one of Dr. Fuhrman's healthy chocolate cakes with 99.7% caffeine free cocoa powder for our potluck here at work. It was supposed to be a healthy potluck, but all the other desserts were just pre-packaged mixes.

Everyone thought the cake was incredilbe tasting and no one could believe it was just made with whole foods.

I also made it for our Christmas dinner and everyone loved it.

kneecap said...

Hey, sorry I missed your comment. That sounds great. I would like someone to make that cake for me. I don't like baking enough to do it myself! Do you live anywhere near Wisconsin? ha.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone share that recipe I have some family events coming up and I am a newbie, I have the book Eat to Live and did not see any chocolate cake recipes.

kneecap said...

Hi anonymous,

here's a recipe from my blog for chocolate cupcakes. They were good:

Dr. Fuhrman does have a recipe for Healthy chocolate cake at his member center. I don't feel right posting it here, but if you send an email to me at, I'll send you the recipe (since you have one of his books).