Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nov. 13-15

I've been eating pretty healthy but too much of it at one time. Still working on that overeating thing. Let's see... oh yeah, I made a great hummus on Friday. Brekky was smoothy and some hummus and cooked veggies (broccoli, carrots, rutabaga, cauliflower); that kind of merged into lunch while preparing it. I had this for dinner too, along with a pomegranate and too many nuts (brazil, pistachio), and orange, and probably more, an apple? This doesn't seem like so much but I really ate too much of all of it at all meals, and then overate the nuts at dinner.

Yesterday, I snacked while making smoothies for housemate, mostly on grapes. I made her a really good cherry chocolate shake for brekky. I decided I don't want smoothies next week. I think want beans and greens for brekky next week. Then I made "healthy" cupcakes. I snacked on those while making them (mostly on the frosting, yum). Then I had 2 of them in the afternoon. I might post about this separately. I don't like how the chocolate and/or sweetness affected me through today. I followed that with a pomegranate which didn't taste nearly as good as usual. Shows what sweets do for your taste buds. I had some veggies and hummus and an apple and orange. I didn't get too full but still probably overate.

Today I had a pomegranate for late brekky, hummus and veggies for lunch (ate too much as usual). I don't know what dinner will be, maybe I'll splurge on another pomegranate, for fun. I don't think I'll be very hungry after the hummus.

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