Monday, February 1, 2010

yesterday and today

I'm having fun with my nutritarian meals these days. On Saturday, I did a lot of food prep for the week, so now my meals are quick and easy.

Yesterday, I wasn't hungry for brekky, and so had my blended salad and spinach salad at lunch along with some fruit (star fruit, kiwi, a few apple pieces). That was filling and then I got home late for dinner so didn't want to prepare much, and just had a bowl of raw stuff: red bell pepper, carrot sticks, baby bok choy, broccoli and cauliflower. I poured some blueberry vinegar on it. It was good and I enjoyed taking 30 minutes to eat it while conversing with house-mate and house-guest as they ate their weird Standard American food (have you noticed that it's mostly shades of brown in color?). So that ended up being an all-raw day, by accident.

Today, I had brekky at the co-op with a friend, after my exercise class. I brought my blended salad (thawed from the freezer), and bought a small apple and a small box of strawberries to eat with it. Lunch was really good. yummmmm. I made kale with sweet potato sauce, with variations: only 1/2 large sweet potato was baked, no pom. juice, and just a few raw walnuts (about 1/2 oz). I cooked kale and onion in the pressure cooker. Then blended the potato, walnuts, and cooking liquid. It didn't blend vary well because of the small amounts but that's okay. I combined that with my weekend beans and mixed it all up with the kale and onion. so yummmmy! I should have taken a picture but I just wanted to eat it. Dinner will be some sort of quick salad. I forgot to get spinach at the co-op, so I'll just use a baby bok choy and arugula, and dump some frozen berries, seeds, and vinegar on it, like the spinach salad. and I'll eat my raw carrots because I love raw carrots. I finish off most meals with carrot sticks.

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