Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl food

Today I had guests over for the superbowl so had fun making food for it. Before that though, I had a blended salad for brekky and cabbage salad for an early lunch. Then I prepared the superbowl food: red beans & rice, raw veggies and sweet potato/peanut dip (I love this!), sweet pea guacamole, and salsa. We also provided the following SAD (Standard American Diet) food to our guests (and housemate enjoyed it too): beer, tostado chips (salted), vegan hot cocoa, hot cider, and chocolate candy. So everyone was happy. I overate on the red beans & rice because I was tasting it a lot while playing with spices, and then, well, then I just ate too much of it!


Mitch said...

Great food! I admire that you promote healthy eating options. More power to you!

kneecap said...

It tastes good too!