Monday, February 1, 2010

Five Major Poisons found in Animal Foods

This is an interesting article from Dr. McDougall's latest newsletter. The standard American diet is poisonous!


resolution1 said...

Wow, Barb! Thank you so much for posting this. After all these years, why don't our doctors just tell us that this diet of meat, milk, cheese, and eggs leads to osteoporosis?

kneecap said...

They don't know it themselves. :)

Mr. Curious said...

Interesting article, thanks for the link! It's a nice review of why our health deteriorates as we load up on toxins/poisons.

I have developed a view of a human body being designed to live in a certain environment (think pre-farming, early man) and humans haven't adapted/evolved all that much from that short span of time to handle the sedimentary lifestyle coupled with the toxic load of foods/non-foods that are eaten daily, while not eating foods the body is naturally adapted to consume.

So toxins build up, our cells get sick, mutate, starve, die prematurely, and eventually deteriorate. So it's just a matter of time before we are sick. Like Dr. Fuhrman says - If you eat what Americans typically eat, you will get typical American diseases.

It is amazing however that it takes such a long time to develop these diseases. I mean our body is amazing with handling this toxic load, but the lifestyle we choose takes it's toll eventually...

I think of it also in this analogy. When you pour boiling water on any living thing vs heating up the water slowly until it boils - most will not run away as the temperature gets too hot. Well we are all swimming in this hot soup right now - will you jump out or get cooked?

kneecap said...

Mr. Curious,

I too am amazed at how resilient our bodies are. I guess that is what fools us, that we can go so many years eating this way and feel okay. If we could see the insides of our arteries on a regular basis, that would probably make us behave differently!