Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb. 10

Brekky today was blended salad, an apple and a kiwi.

Lunch was beans & kale and leek and onion and 1 Tbsp ground sunflower seeds. The kale and leeks and onions cooks up in a few minutes in the pressure cooker so this is a quick and easy lunch. This was really good, because the beans were really good. I think it was those parsnips I blended into it. They have a sweet and spicy flavor. These beans were leftover from weekend before last (frozen). My dish is on the left. Housemate's (on right) has potato in it.

I finished this off with some carrots as usual.

Dinner was spinach salad and carrots, as usual.

Tonight I was at a meeting and watched people eat cookies. Then I went grocery shopping and wondered if I was going to be tempted to have my own splurge as a result. But rational thinking won this time (I wasn't hungry and splurges never satisfy, they just keep going and going, like the energizer battery). Still, it's interesting how easy it is to get influenced by watching other people eat.

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