Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last few days

It's been a busy few days so no time to post. Yesterday was my first nutritarian meetup. It was fun. However, I stupidly ate too much while preparing so I wasn't hungry during the meeting. I didn't even eat the ice cream, which I was looking forward too all week. oops! I made West African lentil okra stew (a Fuhrman recipe). It wasn't as good as I was expecting but maybe that's because I used boiled peanuts (ground in the blender) instead of peanut butter (which is roasted). So I'm curious to try it again. We get really good fresh-ground peanut butter at my co-op. Other people brought great salads and fruit. Dessert was banana walnut ice cream (with some date-cashew cream and vanilla for a little extra treat). Then we made another batch that had frozen bananas & cherries, cocoa and (raw) cacao powder, coconut, vanilla and date-cashew cream. Date-cashew cream is just cashews, dates, and water blended in the blender (which is one of the things I taste tested a bit too much of before the meeting). The ice cream was a big hit.

I also made a big batch of sweet potato/peanut dip but didn't like it so much. I put in too many peanuts. I didn't think you could ruin it by putting in too many peanuts, but you can. The boiled peanuts mixed with water are a bit on the bland side, so it's better as a minor component of the recipe. So I didn't bother to put out the dip and didn't bother to cut up the raw veggies I was going to include with the dip.

Anyway, the meetup was good. There were lots of questions about Dr. Fuhrman's program, and lots of sharing of experiences and advice.

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