Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb. 6 food

Yesterday I made 11 smoothies to freeze. ha. First I made 6 smoothies for housemate. There's a little bit leftover from each smoothie, so the snacking on the leftovers was my brekky. It was probably less than 1 smoothie, but enough. Then I went to yoga, came home, and made my blended salads. I only needed 5 because I had a couple leftover from last week. Again, snacking while making them was enough to call lunch, along with some carrots and raw veggies. Dinner was cabbage salad, and a little bit of walnuts and frozen sweet peas. So I've learned not to eat meals while making the smoothies. I enjoy snacking on them. They are like a treat, especially housemate's. But if I eat brekky and lunch in addition to this, I get overfull.

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