Sunday, September 6, 2009

sept. 06

brekky: smoothie, some frozen sweet corn

lunch: 2 ears of corn +avocado butter, black bean & corn salad, collard greens+onion+beets steamed in pressure cooker (good).

snacked while making housemate's smoothies and juicing some collard greens+beets+carrots+spinach+salad+celery+lemon+apples---basically veggies left in fridge before going out of town. This juicing was time consuming and didn't produce a very delicious result. I only like to eat stuff if it's delicious. I don't think I'll get into juicing veggies. I liked the cooked collard greens much better. and I would have rather eaten the apples then have them in this juice. I froze the juice into 12 oz bottles. They'll come in handy when I'm in a hurry. Like next weekend when I'm only home for 24 hours. hmm, I wonder if they could make a decent soup broth. oh, I snacked on some frozen bananas while making the smoothies.

dinner: black blean salad and the collards from lunch. then ate frozen sweet corn for dessert. I ate way too much of the frozen sweet corn! it's like a popsicle. I have been overeating way too much lately. it's strange that I haven't gained weight. I think it just goes out the other end, but it's not healthy and it wastes food and money. I need to change my approach and wait until I'm hungry to eat. Ever since I've been trying this regular meals with no snacking, it makes me behave strangely. When I ate the Standard American Diet, I never really overate. I was overweight due to what I was eating, but I didn't pig out like I do now. It's weird that now I'm inclined to pig out and I'm still thin. Okay, tomorrow I'll try to just eat when I'm hungry...


Anonymous said...

I thought DrF basically says you can eat large amounts of foods through the day provided they're the ETL veggies,greens etc....all while losing weight if you need to.

I think I was hoping I'd be able to pig out as long as I was pigging out on beans n' greens, fruits n' veggies...and not overduing it on the nuts/seeds.

But,I haven't understood DrF's theory of toxic hunger and the whole 'feeling hunger in the throat thing'. I haven't gotten that far in the ETL journey.

How long did it take you to arrive at your new weight set point? Is that something a long-time nutritarian monitors? I hadn't thought about eating just the amount our bodies need from a no-waste/ethical point of view. Lots to change when you've eaten SAD for so many years.

kneecap said...

I'm proof that you can pig out and still lose weight, so I'd focus first on eating healthy first and worry about the amounts later. Your approach is great: pig out on the beans n' greens, fruits n' veggies.

It took me a few years to arrive at my final weight. After I lost 20 lbs I thought I was at my set point. then I lost another 10 lbs and thought I was at my set point. then about a year later I lost another 10 lbs. your body will take you where it wants naturally. I think not eating the refined grains and sugars makes a difference for your set point. I think the sugar raises your insulin and stores fat more readily.