Monday, September 14, 2009

sept. 14 food

I still have my cold, but I did get hungry at lunchtime so that's probably a good sign.

For brekky I had a veggie juice from the freezer. As I stated yesterday, this was not a particularly good batch, so it's perfect for when you have a cold (can't taste it as well).

Lunch was yummy cherry tomatoes from the garden. I also cooked up some kale and tomatoes from the garden, with garlic and spicy pecan vinegar. I think I don't like that spicy pecan vinegar. Or maybe I just haven't got used to it yet. I had a small bowl at lunch and then a big bowl at dinner.

Normally this amount of food would leave me hungry but I'm not the least bit hungry. Dr. Fuhrman says the body doesn't want much food when you are sick so it can put it's energies toward fighting the illness. Plus I was completely sedentary today so the body didn't need much fuel.


laura dice said...

hope you feel better soon. enjoy reading your posts.

kneecap said...

thanks Laura! I can't tell yet if I'm on the upswing. Hopefully tomorrow.