Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sept 15

just groovin' along with my cold.

had a smoothie for brekky. It makes enough for 2 so I shared with housemate. Normally I make hers differently but we were out of bananas and oranges. She liked this one so I may continue to make these for both of us. They are better freshly made than frozen and thawed. This one just had 2 Tbsp flaxseeds, 1 bag (frozen) blueberries, 1 bag raspberries, 1/2 bag cherries, water, and spinach from the garden. I liked it. I will probably add a little maple syrup to housemate's portion to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Lunch: the corn stand was out, so we had some corn. It wasn't the greatest though. We each had 2 ears, and some sliced tomatoes. I also had a peach.

Dinner: an apple for appetizer; brussels sprouts, leek, carrots cooked in pressure cooker, topped with riesling raisin vinegar; orange.

I'm still not eating a lot but I'm also still sedentary. Every day I'm eating more so I'm progressing. I can't say I feel better than yesterday so don't know if I've bottomed out yet. The cough bothers me the most. I have to try not to talk too much.


Nancy said...

You're not alone...my daughter in CA is suffering with a cold right now too. She let her students out early last night;)

Enjoyed my little holiday away and stayed with ETL about 90%! Let husband enjoy margaritas and the champagne the hotel had waiting for us (our anniversary). I ate the strawberries;)

My mood was so much better because I was staying strong and eating right...no guilt, and I felt lighter and better about myself. I love the mental advantages of this lifestyle as well.

Hopefully you'll start feeling better today. I know you have plenty of good vitamins and nutrients in you!

kneecap said...

Hi Nancy,

Way to go on staying ETL on your holiday! That's a huge step for most people. Then you feel it's more of a permanent change. If you can make it through a holiday, you can make it through everything (business trip, work party, restaurant with friends, etc.).

I think I"m on the upswing today.