Sunday, March 28, 2010

weekend cooking

I've been having fun in the kitchen lately. Well, I think I always have fun in the kitchen. I bought some soy milk last week in order to enjoy a small banana walnut milkshake, so I've been including it (the soy milk) in other recipes too. It does add a nice creaminess. Maybe I'll buy it more often. I made a yummy berry salad dressing on Friday using soy milk, and put that on my "processor" salad. Yesterday I included soy milk in housemate's smoothies. Today I had another banana walnut milkshake. Tomorrow I'll likely make another yummy berry salad dressing for my salad using soy milk.

Then I also had fun with beans. I got my package of heirloom beans. I used the Runner Cannellini beans yesterday. They are so big, nothing like any I've bought at the store before! And of course, very good. On Friday, I was using up some beans from the freezer, and to make them go farther for two big serving topped over veggies, I cooked up a turnip, and blended that in the blender with sesame seeds and lemon juice and water from the veggies; then combined that with the beans. Well, since that's a common lunch for me, I decided to add this stuff to my beans yesterday while preparing, along with some parsnips and leek. So I cooked those up separately (turnip, parsnips & leek), and blended them in the blender with sesame seeds and lemon juice, then combined them with the beans. Recall I cook the beans in a mixture of carrot, kale and celery juice (mostly carrot). Then inspired by a recipe by Hojo on the Fuhrman forums, I added some nutmeg and thyme. Well, I might have combined too many different flavors. Maybe I should have left off the sesame seeds and lemon juice or the nutmeg and thyme. But it actually is still really good. And now I can just pour these over cooked veggies during the week--over veggies, it's good for the beans to have a bit of a bite to them, so I think the sesame seeds and lemon will be a bonus there. I meant to add mushrooms, but I'll just cook those with the veggies so they'll be there. (Note edited a week later: these beans made us fart more than usual. Not that that should stop you from making them).

Yesterday I also made my 7 blended salads for the week (my breakfast).

Today I made sweet pea guacomole and salsa for housemate. I improved on my old version of the sweet pea guacamole by adding a small kiwi. The salsa was new too.

I should be set for quick and easy meals this week.

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