Sunday, March 7, 2010

Florida salad

I'm visiting the Florida Everglades. There's a great produce/fruit stand near my hotel, called "Robert is Here." They have locally grown vegetables and fruit. So that is supplying me with my meals. Here's today's salads (lunch and dinner):

The bottom layer is romaine lettuce, locally grown spinach, green beans, zucchini, and broccoli. Yum! Then I quartered a couple of fresh tree-ripened oranges, and squeezed the juice on here to marinate the salad and veggies. I age the rest of the oranges after squeezing (it was breakfast time).

Next I added some beans and my ground seed mixture (sunflower, hemp, chia, flax). I ate some beans and seeds too to add to my breakfast.

Then I added the fruit: ripe banana, mango and local strawberries. yummy yummy. I forgot to take a picture of the final product.

Here I am eating lunch.

I also had a locally grown ugli fruit before dinner. It was really good. And it is extremely ugly. Don't let that deter you.


Naina said...

Your salads look yummy. :)

When you have the time, would you please comment on McDougall's eating plan?

I read something on your blog about it once, I can't find it today.

I have IBS which basically is a lame way of saying I have digestion difficulties. I have been faithful to eat Dr. Fuhrman's plan. However, I get stomach pain often. Insoluable fiber is hard on my stomach. I am thinking about trying to blend the two eating plans to help with digestion.
Eating oatmeal is a lifesaver for my digestion. I want to find a good balance. I don't have McDougall's book. My husband is sold now on Dr. Furhman's plan. He doesn't want me to get McDougals book. He thinks my stomach trouble will eventually go away. I am sick of hurting. I can't think that adding in more grains will make me quit any healing that might be taking place.


kneecap said...

Hi Naina,

That is great that your husband is sold on Dr. Fuhrman! I think Mcdougall's eating plan is a good one, and lots of people have lost weight and got their health back following McDougall. Also his focus on grains and starchy vegetables appeals to many people. I think Fuhrman's plan is healthier with his much greater focus on the leafy greens and non-starchy veggies (I have a post describing it briefly here: These are just more nutritious than grains and starchy veggies. And if you are having health issues, like IBS, I'd go for the most nutrient dense diet (that is, the most nutrients per calorie), and that would be Dr. Fuhrman. You could start with that, regain your health, and then experiment with adding more grains and starchy veggies. Does that help?


Vibrant Soul said...

Dear Barb,

This is Ritzi from Dr. F forum. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful post here and on the forum. Loving your salad meals on vacation. Thinking ahead for myself when going out of town.

Do you grind your seeds ahead? I noticed you used ground sunflower, chia, hemp, flax and do you measure the amount after you ground? I know it seems like a simple question. Just curious. Esp given the advise to use 1 Tbs grd flax do you ground this separately.

Thank you.


kneecap said...

Hi Adrianne (Ritzi)!

Yes, I ground my seeds before vacation and put them in a tupperware bowl. It worked great. They worked well in a bean dip I made, on top of salads, and also good was dipping celery sticks in them. Yes, I measured them before leaving. I didn't specifically measure each one, but combined them into a bowl until I had 1 lb. That's about 1 oz per day, and I figured I could supplement that with avocados and other nuts on occasion, which I did. I ground them in my dry vita-mix container. If you don't have one of those, you can use a coffee grinder. I learned a lesson--don't add the chia seeds until after grinding the others. The chia doesn't need grinding and if you do, it makes the seed mixture kind of gooey. which is okay. mine was gooey and it was fine. but next time I will not grind the chia.

I think Dr. Fuhrman has mentioned that you can use chia and hemp in place of flax so I don't usually worry about the 1 Tbsp of flax if I'm getting the mixture. But yeah, if you want to make sure you are getting 1 Tbsp of flax, just add in x Tbsps for x days of your trip, and then grind with the rest.